Best Harley Windshield In 2023 Reviews With Buying Guide

A new year begins with our urge to renew what we already have. Any Harley owner would know what a good windshield means to their beloved bike. True enough, you will meet some people who prefer not to have any windshield.

But the ones who do prefer them, know how important they are. It’s a new year for everyone. Treat yourself and your bike with all the necessary components she needs. Here we are going to give you a brief overview of the best Harley Windshields available in the market. So sit tight and let us do all searching for you.

Harleys are, needless to say, the beloved possession of many. It's only fair to treat them like you would treat yourself, if not better.  If you're in for the thrill and like to push the speed limits, then you're going to want to have windshields.

Best Harley Windshield Reviews 2023

1. Detachable Motorcycle Clear 26''X23'' Windscreen Windshield

Made by a brand known for their reliable Harley Davidson components, the FatBoy detachable windshield will do what it's meant to do and more.

The sheer size of this thing will provide you with the convenience you wanted. From keeping the bugs out of your face to keeping out the cold wind.

The tall screen will also affect the air pressure on your chest and head to maximize your comfort.

Its detachability is what makes it so attractive. You don’t need to worry about the newer models because guess what? It can even fit FLSTF, FLSTN, FLS including 2000 of course. The 4mm thick screen makes it extra durable.

The external strapping is high-luster chrome and the overall size is 26.5” by 23”. After buying this product the only thing you have to do is assemble it. After that, you can decide on your own if this wasn’t the best deal you ever got on windshields.

2. Klock Werks ‘Flare’ Windshield

Now what we have here is one a kind. Klock Werks originally designed to enhance the riders riding experience to the fullest using the least amount of obtrusive material.

And that’s how Klock Werks Flare Windshield got into the market. Chances are you probably already seen or heard of these. Coming in different sizes and tints, they are unlikely to disappoint.

At the outer edge of the windshield, you will notice a curve that we call “Hips”. These Hips redirect the airflow and that adds downforce to the frontal part of the Harley. The curve at the top of the windscreen is the “Flip”. Initially meant to divert the frontal airflow, it also serves as an addition to the windshield's aesthetic. The Flare windshield is made out of polycarbonate components that ensure its durability.  

Just choose the height of your convenience and get the size you want. These are very sturdy and have been guaranteed to be reliable.

3. Amazicha Black 8” Wave Windshield

This here is a compact yet extremely stylish windshield. Don’t be underestimate its performance just because of its size compared to the others.

Not only is it made of high-grade material, but it also provides the rider protection and comfort.

You can expect this to last a lifetime at least.

You will find the windshield compatible with Harley Touring Electra Glide, Trike 1996-2003, Street Glide, and the likes. The shield will do what a shield does. It will deflect oncoming wind to ensure a safe and comfortable ride. Rest assured this windshield can withstand rocks and stones. Typically available at 8”, it is a comfortable height for general purposes. The polycarbonate material makes it extremely durable. Assembly and installation is a piece of cake.

One of the few downsides is that it's incompatible with Road Glide and Road King. Unlike most windshields, it is not see-through. The product has proven to be efficient for almost all of its users.

4. Klock Werks Patented Flare Windshield

Another one of Klock Werks' ingenious inventions, the Flare Windshield for Harley Road Glides. To a simpleton's eye, this might seem exactly like the previous Flare windscreen but truly they are drastic changes between them.

This patented Flare windshield is manufactured to provide better performance and more efficiency.

The outer edge is curved so that the wind flow can re-routed and provide the rider an obtrusion-free experience. The frontal airflow will seem less aggressive because of this deteriorating turbulence.

This Flare windshield is considerably more streamlined offering better curves and a much more sporty posture. You will notice that because of its design the handling and stability of the bike will also be aided. The hard-coated Polycarbonate elements will add to its sturdiness.

These Flare Windshields are one of a kind and offer a sort of maneuverability others can’t. it would be easier to explain if you had used it on your own. It truly does change your entire riding experience.

5. Jade Onlines 9” Black Wave Windshield

This is a very budget-friendly windshield for general uses. The windscreen itself quite sturdy even though the price is relatively low.

The design is very unique and attractive. If you are looking for a simple yet robust windscreen, then this is it. Its high-quality material only makes things better.

The windscreen here is designed to withstand an oncoming wind and deflect as much as possible which results in a safe and comfy ride. 

The material for making these is PVC plastic which means it can withstand turbulence with ease. The simple yet stylish design makes it all the more likable. It can be used to decorate your Harley. It fit one 2014-2017 Harley Electra Street Glide Touring Bikes. And not to mention, it is very easy to install.

The black and Smoke Dark seem to be the most popular choices among the users. The quality of the product ensures good performance.

6. Amazicha Black 6” Windshield

This here is what we call an upper fairing windshield. It is meant to be used for Harley Davidson Touring 1996-2013 Bikes. It is hard to say no to a windshield as beautiful as this particular one. The minimalist black tint and design are what makes it so desirable. Ride in style by installing these on your bikes.

Even though it was exclusively designed for Harley Touring bikes, it cannot fit FLHTK Electra Glide Ultra Limited Road Glide. The windshield is at the optimal height of 6” or 150mm. You will notice on your own that this windshield is manufactured to look perfect following the fork-line of the bike. You keep in mind that the windscreen is not see-through. You won't be needing any instructions when installing this. That’s how easy it is.

Amazicha has proven its reliability as a manufacturer through its other products as well. Your Harley Davidson will be in for a treat if you get one of these.

7. Earlyred 13” Wave Windscreen

This is an excellent choice for those who prefer clear untainted windshields. The parts used to make this are very reliable and proved to give a good performance. You will find that these are better suited for Harley Touring Bikes.

The 13” windshield will prevent all sorts of oncoming bugs and debris from spraying on your face. The length is appropriate for long fast rides.

The deflection of airflow is also important when it comes to windshields and Earlyred is bound not to disappoint. The material used in making this is high-quality ABS plastic. That means you expect this product to last one lifetime at least. The outer edges of the windshield are polished beautifully.

It perfectly see-through and keeping will prove to be no hassle. Installing it on your bike should not be a problem if you are familiar with your own hands. The product doesn’t come with any mountable hardware.

Earlyred has produced a beautiful and well-performing windshield. You should consider this one if you are fond of touring or testing the speed limit.

8. Amazicha 7” Smoke Wave Windshield

The name Amazicha is appropriate when it comes to describing their products. The windshield we are talking about now is made with very minimal effects and yet it performs well. From the materials it's made of to its minimal size, there won't be anything you'll be displeased by.

This windshield is ideal for Harley Touring Electra Glide, Ultra Limited, Street Glide (2014-2020), and the likes. Measured from the middle bolt to the upper center, the length is at the comfortable number of 7.

There have never any complaints about its installation either even instructions are not included with the product. You won't have to worry about the blowing wind and will be able to expect a comfy ride. The high-grade polycarbonate material only adds to its sturdiness.

The windshield can successfully withstand high impact and turbulence with ease. The dimensions are also well designed and stylish. This is a simple windshield with amazing efficiency.

9. 7 Inches Motorcycle Wave Windshield

Every Harley Davidson owner has come across these windshields at least once. These Earlyred windscreens produce a very aesthetic effect and their performance is reliable as well. This particular windshield we are dealing with is compatible with a variety of Harleys including Ultra Classics and CVO Limited.

Unlike most of the products you have seen so far, this one is made out of Lexan polycarbonate which makes it extra smooth. The polished edge will stay that way because of the components used in making it. The anti-aging agents used here will prevent corrosion over time.

You will notice on your own how sturdy and flexible this one is compared to its competitors. The windshield can easily with high impact debris and the overall dimensions are well calculated. It is available in various lengths starting from 4.5” to 9”.

Earlyred has made them through their excellent manufacturing capabilities and the consistent reliability of their products. Be sure to check this out if you are considering doing something new for your bike.

10. National Cycle Spartan Quick-Release Windshield

Every biker has heard of the name National Cycle. They are known for their sturdy and high-quality products. The windshield we are discussing here is no exception.

This one comes with more maneuverability than any. It is ingenious quick-release system is the main attraction along with this high-grade material.

The Spartan windshield will provide you with all the protection you need when on the road. 

Able to resist even the cruelest turbulence, this windshield is made out of 4mm thick Lexan Polycarbonate. The windshield is available in 18.5” and 16.25”. So you get to pick a comfortable height for your own. Now let us get to the main part. The Quick-Release system.

The windshield is equipped with a quick-release mount kit which itself is made with stainless hardware and rubber grommets. These compression limiters permeate the load to ensure durability. You can easily uninstall and install it as you prefer.
The Nation Cycle has been manufacturing these products for quite a while and their name is paved with good performance.

Buying Guide For Harley Windshields

Now if you want to decide on your own what windshield you are going to buy then that perfectly respectable. In fact, that’s only sensible. But we can all agree that we do get confused when we see so many varieties of windshields in one market.

This here is a simple guide to help you decide which one you need. We are about to tell you what to keep in mind when you’re about to buy a windshield for your Harley.

Windshield Measurements

The size of the windshield is the first thing you need to keep in mind when you're out buying. Different people need different sizes. Different situations call for different measurements.

You need to first determine what height you feel comfortable in and what kind of riding you do. The height of windshields varies drastically throughout the different brands. If you want a stylish look on your Harley then use a shorter untainted windshield.

On the contrary, if you are willing to go on long rides then you're going to be needing a taller windshield to keep off the wind and oncoming bugs. Don’t be fooled by the fact that some windshields are shorter. You will see a noticeable difference in air turbulence when using these as well.


Windshields can be made with all sorts of materials. If you are looking for budget-friendly options, you can consider the acrylic or Lucite windshields. They are used very commonly but cannot handle rough usage. Polycarbonate is also widely used in making windshields.

Lexan Polycarbonate windshields are very sturdy and they are able to withstand most high impact debris. This is why this is a midrange option. But the scratches cannot be undone through polishing or anything.

It might become yellow over time when exposed to the sun. Quantum Hard Coated Polycarbonate can also be found in the market. These are a bit more expensive because they're scratch resistant and far more durable.


Now, this part has more to do with your personal preference rather than anything else. You can have the windshield mounted in the fixed position where the rider sets the shield in a certain style and keep it that way.

Removing the windshield will become a hassle but you won't be needing to worry about readjusting the shield now and then. A Quick-release system is far a more versatile approach where you can install and uninstall shield as you please.

Handlebar-mounted shields are comparatively smaller but more compact and stylish. On the other hand, fork-mounted shields can as big as you want them to be.

Final Note

Of course, there are the little things too that you need to look out for. For example, the headlight of your Harley might have an effect on what windshield you buy. Some folks think windshields just make their bikes ugly.

But anyone who says probably went on a long ride on a motorbike. Harleys are exceptionally made and need to be treated nicely. You will notice instantly when you start using windshields.

The National Cycle’s Spartan Windshield, for example, can be considered to be the most flexible one than the rest. The quick-release system and its sheer size provide the rider with exceptional convenience.

Also the decreasing turbulence and the sound of the engine reflecting from the shield, all these things make it more exciting and unique to have this windshield in the first place. It's not just about basic safety procedures, it's also the simple comfort they offer.

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