Best Motorcycle Fairing Speaker Systems Reviews 2023

We asked our experts to tell us the best motorcycle fairing speakers. Our experts asked us if we wanted recommendations for avid motorcycle riders, or if we wanted suggestions for beginners.

We had not considered that there would be a difference. Our experts explained that the real difference between fairing speakers they would recommend to beginners and the ones they would recommend to advanced riders revolved around installation more than performance.

We decided to have the experts rate each of the speakers on both performance abilities and ease of installation. The following 6 speakers were their favorites.

Our Top 6 Picks of Best Motorcycle Fairing Speaker

1. 98-13 Harley Speaker Bundle: 2x Kicker 43CSC674 6-3/4" Inch

This speaker package includes 2 600 watt C series Black Car Coaxial speakers that are 6 ¾” along with a Metra mounting ring that fits between 6.5” and 6.75”, and 50 foot of 16 gauge speaker wire. These speakers should mount perfectly on any Harley Davidson Touring bike manufactured between 1998 and 2013.

The CS- Series of Coaxial Speakers have been specifically designed to fit be drop-in audio solutions. They are designed to be long lasting, durable speakers that will provide you with excellent KICKER performance.

These speakers are made from ribbed polyester foam that has been UV treated to make them even more durable. The material is lightweight and very durable. These speakers will double your sound and clarity if you are still using the original equipment speakers. You will hear more of your music while you are cruising down the highway.

These speakers were very easy to install. The mounting rings can be rotated to ensure that you get a precise fit. The connectors allow you to plug the speakers into the original stock mount so you do not have to have any customization to install. You can easily install these speakers in under an hour. The speaker wire is high quality and will provide you with clear sound.

2. Us Stock 6 x 9 inch Vivid/Glossy Black Saddlebag Speaker Lids Audio Cover

These customizable speaker lids will fit a large variety of Harley Davidson bikes manufactured between 2014 and 2019. In the package you get 6” x 9” speaker lids. One lid for the left and one lid for the right.

You also get metal mesh grills, the speaker housing, the lid tethers needed, and rubber seals. These lids will encase your speakers and give you a look that you will love. The speaker lids are crafted from a high quality version of ABS plastic. 

They are lightweight, durable, and will accommodate the majority of 6” x 9” speakers. The lids are solid and do not feel flimsy. The ABS is ready to paint so you can create lids that match your bike, or lids that enhance the look of your bike. You should use a high quality paint designed for use on vehicles. Be sure that you apply a quality sealer over the paint.

The installation is a breeze. These lids re designed to replace standard original equipment lids. The original hinges, locks and mounting hardware will more than likely fit these lids. There is a YouTube video that will walk you through the installation. You do not need any specialized tools to install these lids.

3. Hoppe Quadzilla Fiberglass Fairing HDF-RK

This is a fairing fashioned in a classic style that is very attractive. The fairing is hand-laid fiberglass, and it is coated with a gloss black paint that leaves it ready for you to custom paint with your color of choice.

It comes completely ready to connect. The 5 inch speakers are already wired. The fairing includes a Jensen radio that is AM/FM/CD/USB. The radio is a 160 watt.

There is a removable faceplate, a USB connection, an auxiliary input, and a three band EQ. The antenna for the radio is concealed inside the fairing to provide you with a clean look, and keep you from having an antenna whipping in the wind. The 12” clear windshield is shipped with the fairing. This fairing unit is made in the USA. 

The installation for this unit is very easy. The directions for installation are clear, concise, and easy to follow. The fairing mounts on the original equipment mounting points, where your windshield typically connects to the bike. The hardware to make this mount is included with the fairing. It will not interfere with your handlebars, or the way your bike handles.

4. Rockford Fosgate TMS65 Power Harley-Davidson

These speakers are intended to be direct replacement speakers for the original equipment speakers that came standard on the 2014 and newer Harley Davidson Street Glide motorcycles.  These speakers measure 6.5” and can be mounted in the fairing and the Tour-Pak locations on these motorcycles.

You will not have to worry about voicing your warranty on your motorcycle because you will not have to make any modifications in order to install these speakers. The installation is a simple; remove the old item, and then insert the new item process. During installation you will use the mounting hardware and speaker connectors that are already installed on your bike.

The speaker’s present75 watts RMS and have a combined 150 watts of total power. There is a 25 mm dome tweeter that includes an integrated phase plug. They are specifically designed to overcome the noises of the road. You will hear the crisp clear high notes of your music even when you are cruising at speeds over 65 miles per hour.

These speakers are water resistant and weather resistant. They can withstand cold and rain, and water hose sprays during bike cleanings.

5. Rockford Fosgate TMS6SG Power Harley-Davidson Street Glide 6.5" Full Range Fairing Speakers

These speakers easily install in Harley Davidson motorcycles, specifically the Street Glide series manufactured between 2006 and 2013. The speakers are 6.5” and they require no modification of your bike to install.

The installation of these speakers should not interfere with your factory warranty because they are installed by connecting to the existing mounting hardware, and they connect with the factory installed speaker connectors.

 They do come with new grill assemblies to enhance their look. Installation is quick, and in most cases the installation process is completed in under 30 minutes. These speakers are designed to resist the weather and elements. They resist dust, grime, and other contaminants. They are corrosion and vibration resistant, so you do not have to worry if you are caught in the rain, or if you have to park your bike out from under a cover.

These speakers are 75 watts each with a combined total of 150 watts. They cover road noises and will produce high quality sound even when you are traveling at 70+ miles per hour. They are built to withstand the roughness of roadways. The vibration resistance allows them to stay properly connected and perform with excellence.

6. Hogtunes Speaker System Kit for Memphis Shades Batwing Fairings

This set includes 4.25” custom speakers that enhance your radio experience. You do not just want to listen to music, you want to feel the music. This system will bring your tunes to life as you cruise down the road.

The speakers come with a USB charge port, they are 50 watt and they have built in volume control. They resist road vibration when the included hardware is used during installation. All of the hardware that you need to install these speakers is included.

The entire system can be easily installed in under an hour. The design is a perfect fit for a large variety of Harley Davidson motorcycles.

The speaker system is lightweight because of the durable high quality plastic housing. They are designed to provide you all of the enjoyment you can get from a great sound system while keeping the worrisome problems of dust, dirt, and water at bay.

If you have a manufacturer warranty in effect you need to check the conditions of the warranty to make sure the installation of these speakers will not void that warranty.

How to Choose Best Motorcycle Fairing Speaker Systems

When you are ready to upgrade your sound system on your Harley Davidson there are a few considerations you need to make. The following list is a few of the features and factors of these sound systems that play an important role in your decision.


If at all possible you want to buy a sound system and speakers that will connect to the factory connections that are already in place. This eliminates you having to install new connectors or having to modify the motorcycle so the speakers will fit.

Purchasing a speaker set that has the ability to connect using the manufacturer pre-installed connections will normally not void your manufacturer warranty on your bike sound system. If you have to make modifications to the bike, or changes to the connectors, then you will more than likely void any warranty you have.

Water Proof

You definitely want to look for speakers that are both waterproof and dust and weather resistant. You are installing these speakers in a motorcycle so you want to make sure they are capable of being out in the weather without being damaged.

Vibration Resistant

You want your new speakers to be vibration resistant. No road is completely smooth so when you travel across the road you will have vibrations. You do not want those vibrations to cause your system to work loose, or to cause your music to sound distorted because the speaker is shaking.

Hardware Included

You want a speaker system that comes with all of the hardware that you will need to connect the system. If you have to buy extra hardware you may have trouble finding the perfect size bolts, and connectors.

Speaker Size

Pay attention to the size of the speakers that come with the system. Generally these speakers will come in sizes between 4” and 6.5”.

Final Note

Upgrading your sound system will allow you to be able to hear the music you love clearly while you are riding. You do not want to simply have to turn the sound up to a ridiculous level while you drive.

That distorts the sound and you have to remember to turn the sound down every time you stop. You want your speakers to deliver clear sound that can be heard over roadway noises without blasting the tunes.

Upgrading your system will make you happier when you ride, and will let you have the best of both your musical world and your bike world.

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