Best Motorcycle Hitch Carriers Review and Analysis – 2021

Efficient and inexpensive motorcycle transportation is possible with hitch carriers attached to the back of your vehicle. Moreover, unlike using a trailer, you won’t be needing any DMV registration for carrying your bike with it. However, finding the right carrier could be exhilarating. 

We have investigated top brands and popular products to determine which one is the best motorcycle hitch carrier. The following list results from our research and a helpful suggestion for you if you are looking for purchasing a hitch carrier. So, let’s have a look.

1. Goplus Motorcycle Carrier

Goplus Motorcycle Carrier

If you are looking for a motorcycle carrier for secure transport of the motorcycle behind your vehicle on bumpy hillsides, the Goplus Motorcycle Carrier is the right solution. It has a solid construction and is entirely durable for bearing large capacities proffering stable transport.

Goplus Motorcycle Carrier has a solid construction that is highly durable and can teleport your motorcycle very comfortably. It is robust, rigid, and impermeable. As a result, if it rains, you do not have to worry about any construction rust. The solid frame can accommodate up to 600 lbs and will make your heavy lifting tasks very convenient. Goplus Motorcycle Carrier has two quick-release locks installed onto its body to hold your bike firmly, securing reliable transportation. 

However, you have to be cautious about your speed limit while the carrier is attached. Do not dare to exceed above 55 MPH when the carrier is installed. You can use it to transport any bikes, starting from sport bikes to off-road dirt bikes.

Goplus Motorcycle Carrier is a heavy-duty construction with high-quality components to provide the perfect ship for your bikes. It will proffer a secure ride and remove all of your worries regarding your vehicle’s teleportation.

2. TMS Heavy Duty Carrier

TMS Heavy Duty Carrier

TMS Heavy Duty Carrier is the perfect solution for heavy duties with durable and reliable transportation of scooters, bikes, and other motorcycles. The entire construction is easy to assemble and install without wasting any time and hard work. It is the most suitable carrier for your vehicle.

It is one of the most reliable carriers for hauling your bikes securely. The carrier’s frame is made from heavy-duty steel that provides extra toughness and strength and huge durability. This appliance is also portable and has a built-in loading ramp for lifting your two-wheels onto the carrier. The ramp can then be settled onto the carrier for easy transport. It is one of the most secure solutions because it has an anti-tilt locking device and includes tie-down sites at both sides to prevent the vehicle from falling apart, inserting extra security. 

The construction frame of the carrier is strong enough to accommodate up to 500 lbs. The carrier requires a small amount of storage area and can be stored easily in the back of your car without any extra hassle. TMS Heavy Duty Carrier is a smart and strong carrier solution for your motorcycles to be transported easily behind your automobiles.

3. Black Widow Motorcycle Carrier

Black Widow Motorcycle Carrier

Motorcycle carriers from Black Widow tend to be super reliable and strong enough to carry any heavy motorbikes easily everywhere. Go on long tours along with your heavy bikes without any hassle. The entire carrier construction is very easy to assemble and install. It will allow your bikes to have a comfortable ride.

Black Widow Motorcycle Carrier is a hitch-mounted motorcycle carrier that is wholly secured and perfect for heavy duties. It is strong enough and has a robust, durable steel construction that can hold up to 600 lb. A loading ramp is installed with the carrier and is extra-long to allow you to load your motorbikes conveniently. After the application of the ramp, it can be easily settled onto the carrier for easy transportation.

Black Widow proffers the highest security for your motor vehicles. An adjustable wheel chock is installed that highlights seven adjustable position designs and four tie-down points. It will keep your bike as safe as possible, no matter where you are traveling. The adjustable feature allows you to accommodate any bike easily comfortably. If you want to go through bumpy hillsides with your heavy motorbikes on the back of your cars, then do not hesitate to install Black Widow’s carriers.

4. Black Widow Motorcycle Carrier

Pound Heavy Duty Motorcycle Dirt Bike Scooter Carrier Hitch Rack Hauler Trailer with Loading Ramp and Anti

Black Widow’s convenient hitch mounted motorcycle carrier is designed to accommodate motorcycles, scooters, dirt bikes, and wheels up to 5 inches wide. A completely durable and reliable carrier for easy teleportation for your motorcycles.

Black Widow’s carriers’ construction body is made of high-quality powder-coated steel that makes it strong, tough, and very durable to hold heavy bikes without any trouble. The heavy-duty construction can hold a weight capacity of 500 lb. It has a built-in anti-tilt locking mechanism that will hold your motorcycle firmly. A ramp is also included on both sides of the carrier to make loading and to unload your motorcycles convenient and time-consuming. 

If the ramp is not in use or the application of this feature is completed, it can easily be settled along with the carrier for easy transportation. To prevent the motorcycle’s tilting, a hitch pin and anti-rattle device are installed for a reliable ride.

Black Widow’s Motorcycle Carriers are designed to perform heavy-duty activities and provide excellent service with increased durability and reliability. No matter where you are traveling, these carriers will be your ultimate solution for towing your motorcycles.

5. Black Widow Hitch-Mounted Carrier

Black Widow Hitch-Mounted Carrier

To enjoy innovative loading and unloading transportation features for your motorcycles, take a look at the Black Widow Hitch-Mounted Carrier. It is the perfect alternative to trailers and will allow you to carry your bike everywhere conveniently. 

Black Widow Hitch-Mounted Carrier is designed with high-strength aluminum, which proves to be very much durable. The entire construction body of the carrier is completely lightweight and is remarkably easy to install. On the other hand, as it is made from aluminum, it will not rust like other steels. Loading and unloading ramp is installed at the sides so that you can easily accommodate your bikes on to the carriers. 

When the ramp is not needed, it can be easily attached to the carrier and allow you to stay relaxed without worrying about losing it. To ensure a stable ride of your motorbikes in the back, an anti-rattle device is installed, and a spacer bar adaptor is also put for dirt bikes. The carrier has the power to hold up to 400 lbs and for bikes with wheels up to 5 to 6 inches wide.

6. ECOTRIC Black Steel Motorcycle Carrier

ECOTRIC Black Steel Motorcycle Carrier

When transporting your vehicle to garage or other places, there can be several problems you might face. The chances are that you may need to go through bumpy roads that can damage your motorcycle. However, the ECOTRIC Black Steel motorcycle Carrier is built to give your bikes the safest transport you can imagine.

With a 79″ long rail, it can load motorcycles of all sizes. The rail offers something extra. It has an arrangeable wheel stop. This raised component is a chock that helps you to put the wheel of your bike correctly. To let you tighten up your motorcycle steadily, there are two locks with a quick releasable feature. As a result, your bike will be safe and sound while going through a hilly area. Coming with a perfect locking mechanism, there is a 3/4″ long hitch pin in the carrier. 

Now to talk about the product’s longevity, it is built with steel and is strong enough to mount bikes of any weight up to 600lbs steadily. You will not need to worry about having your motorcycle carrier rusted as ECOTRIC Black Steel Motorcycle Carrier is coated with rustproof material.

The carrier comes to you in 2 packages while one of them may come later than the other so, you need to be patient. It comes with a complete satisfaction guarantee.

7. Rage Powersports Black Widow AMC-600-2

Rage Powersports Black Widow AMC-600-2

Black Widow Powersport company came with all the quality products to care for your motorcycle. One of the best one of them is the Rage Powersports Black Widow AMC-600-2, a durable and functional bike carrier that can remove all your worries about safe transportation.

As this hitch carrier has 75″ long and 5-1/2″ wide trails, it can lift and carry bike of any sizes. The product allows you to carry two bikes simultaneously using its two rails with a distance of 39″ between them. It has a maximum weight capacity of 600 lbs., allowing you to mount even the heaviest of bikes. It got 2 inches to hitch pin with hitch classes of III or IV. It has highly durable body parts that are created from best-grade aluminum. 

The motorcycle carrier has an epic feature, which is the youth adaptor. It lets the trails mount bikes for both adults and children. It is designed to let you load the bike from both the tracks’ left or right side. It comes with a loading ramp, a useful component that can be attached to the side of the track when loading is done.

This carrier is pretty lightweight (69 lbs.), considering the durability and weight capacity. A smartly built carrier that offers the best experience for you.

8. Double Motorcycle or Dirt Bike Carrier

Double Motorcycle or Dirt Bike Carrier

We all know how important it is to have a durable hitch carrier when transporting your vehicle from one place to another. The Double Motorcycle or Dirt Bike Carrier allows you to do that easily as it has all the amenities for a perfect carrying.

MotoGroup band carefully built this carrier with many factors in mind. Firstly, you can move more than one bikes with this product as it can carry up to 600 lbs., no worries about having a heavyweight bike. Keep in mind that each bike needs to be within 300 lbs. It is so easy to mount your bikes and fasten them up with proper stability. The dual tracks are 75 inches long each and can load bikes with wheels of up to 5 ½ inches wide. You can load children’s bikes or scooters as well. 

The ramp is so stable and doesn’t show any weakness. It is pretty light and attaches firmly to the transport vehicle. It has a trailer hitch of II, III, IV, and V square class. The hitch is 2 inches. To avoid swinging the bikes, there is a locking system with an anti-tilt hitch trailer. All of its parts are made of aluminum. The Double Motorcycle or Dirt Bike Carrier is coated with grey powder and is rustproof. 

9. Rage Powersports Black Widow MX-600X

Rage Powersports Black Widow MX-600X

Another one of the epic products manufactured by the Black Widow powersport brand is Rage Powersports Black Widow MX-600X motorcycle carrier. Very few motorcycle carriers come close to this product in terms of durability and system functionality. Its steel-built body parts are highly durable, allowing the tracks to be attached firmly with the pickup truck, jeep, or other vehicles. Still, it is so lightweight (64 lbs.). The track has multiple ties down points on both sides of it that lets you tie down your motorcycle tightly. Using this item, your motorcycle, dirt bike, or scooter will be under complete safety. 

This carrier has a maximum capacity of 600 lbs. Its track is 75.75 inches long and 5.5 inches wide so that you can load whether a small scooter or a long motorcycle. The 2 inches hitch trailers are of III or IV class. There is a 5/8″ hitch pin. You get an additional ramp for loading your bike. It can be installed pretty easily and attached to the side when not in use.

The item has reflectors so that other cars can see your ramp and avoid bumping into it. Two eyelets provide gentle yet stable fastening to your bike.

10. SPECSTAR Heavy Duty Motorcycle Carrier

SPECSTAR Heavy Duty Motorcycle Carrier

If not the best, this is one of the best products on this list. The SPECSTAR Heavy Duty Motorcycle Carrier comes with all the functions and additional items that you will need. It is surely going to satisfy you with its features.

This amazing motorcycle carrier is specially built to go through all types of roads, including mountain ways. The track is properly designed with racks that allow the wheels to be nestled in them and be chocked perfectly. Wheels with a width up to 5.5 inches can fit in the track. It is possible to load your bike from each side of the track. It has hitch receivers of class III or IV. This carrier is completely built with aluminum. It can carry up to 450 lbs., a decent weight limit for most motorcycles. 

The body is anti-rust coated. To reduce tilting as much as possible, there are adjustable screws on each side of the track. You can easily carry the whole thing as it is lighter than you may think. With this motorcycle carrier, it becomes so quick to transport your motorcycle as easy to use.

SPECSTAR Heavy Duty Motorcycle Carrier comes at a pretty low price. You get a bracket, a support bracket, two triangular supports, a ramp, four belts, a connector, an accessory bag, and a manual in the package.

Buying Guide

Whether it is about moving your motorcycle to the garage of your new home, any repair shop, or just a trip, you can’t neglect the importance of a proper transportation system. It is a fact that not all the roads will be just plain and perfect while moving your motorcycle. As a result, you should get yourself a perfect hitch carrier for your motorcycle to tackle every issue that you might face while also providing all the necessary features. While most of the carriers on the market may seem promising, here is a guide to filter out the best motorcycle hitch carrier among them.


When it comes to carrying heavy stuff, the first important factor is the durability of the carrier. The hitch carrier you go with needs to be in a proper balance among durability, weight, and how much it can load. There are steel made hitch carriers that are pretty stable but often heavy, while the aluminum ones are lighter but can only carry lighter bikes.

Hitch Receivers

Based on your vehicle that transports your motorcycle, you need to choose the hitch carrier with the correct hitch receivers. There are five hitch receivers classes, from I to V. I classed hitch receivers have 300 pounds of tongue capacity while a V classed one has 2,700 pounds. An I classed hitch receiver can go with almost all types of vehicles while higher classed ones take heavy-duty trucks to be used with.

Maximum Load Capacity

It depends on the weight of your motorcycle. Most of the hitch carriers come with a load capacity limit of 400-600 lbs. Now, steel-built hitch carriers can load heavier but weigh much themselves. So, you should choose it carefully.

Additional Features

Many good hitch carriers come with some amenities that make it pretty easier for you to load your motorcycle. For example, some of them come with a loading ramp installed on any side of the tracks and can also be attached to the side of the track parallelly to avoid losing them. You can also look for a hitch carrier with double tracks that allow you to simultaneously load and carry two motorcycles.

Easily Installable

The whole hitch carrier shouldn’t weigh too much for you to carry and install it on your car’s back. In this regard, aluminum carriers are lighter than steel ones. Also, if the carrier comes with pluggable screws, it gets quicker to install it.

Final Note

The two of the best items would be the Goplus Motorcycle Carrier and the TMS Heavy Duty Carrier in the list mentioned above. The Goplus Motorcycle Carrier can carry up to 600 pounds and has a strong structure and rust-free construction. On the other hand, the TMS Heavy Duty Carrier also a very durable option. On top of that, it is very easy to assemble. As a result, these are our top two picks that you can go for without any doubt!

Be sure to make your purchase worthy by knowing about the carrier you are going to have for your bike. Also, do read through the buying guide as it will help you with the process greatly. Remember, a strong structure is the most important factor for such carriers. 

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