About RoadWheeler.Com

Road Wheeler is dedicated to everything that has to do with a motorcycle. We are dedicated and passionate about providing our readers with accurate information about the bikes they love and the accessories available for those bikes. Road Wheeler will not post anything about motorcycles that has not been reviewed, tried, or tested by one of our own personal motorcycle enthusiasts. We love bikes and we want to share that love with everyone who reads our pages.

As motorcycle enthusiasts we know how much we love to hear about everything that is bike related. We started Road Wheeler because when we searched for information about motorcycles, reviews on parts and accessories, and insider information that only experts could share, we were left disappointed by the articles that were available for us to read. We decided that we were going to create a website that provided the best reviews, resources, and tips and tricks that could be found. We also decided that each thing we printed would be factual, practical, and unbiased.

All motorcycle enthusiasts have their favorite brands, their favorite bikes, and their favorite accessories. We have combined a diverse group of individuals who have interest in all types, makes, models, and brands of motorcycles. Then we asked that group to try different items, and set aside their own specific likes and dislikes so they could fairly evaluate and inform people about the items they reviewed.

We are happy to say that our group of specialists have managed to do exactly what we asked, and they are on fire to report about all of the newest things for bikes and bikers, along with all of the old tried and true accessories that every biker should have, or wants to have.


Reviews of products are done by a group of motorcycle experts testing the products to see if they:

  • Work like the manufacturer says they will.
  • If they products are reliable and made to last.
  • If the products are affordable or reasonably priced.
  • If there are any safety issues with the products.
  • If they work with a large number of bikes or if they are specific to one make and model.


To have a website that is devoted to something like motorcycles you have to have sources that give you information about new products, or tell you about the old products and what is best about them. Most sites do not divulge the sources they use to gather information because they do not want their readers to also be able to find out information that they have not published.

We are a transparent site that will share with our readers our sources, and any sites that have pertinent resources concerning anything to do with motorcycle riding, accessories for bikes, laws concerning bikes, and information that bikers will benefit from.

What we know, you will know. Our main objective is to educate, inform, and entertain people like us, who love motorcycles and everything that pertains to those machines.

Tips and Tricks

Every bike rider learns unique tips and tricks about their bikes, riding bikes, and the accessories that accompany bikes. These tips and tricks are learned the hard way, through mistakes, and real life riding experiences. Tips and tricks from experts can help a new rider, and they can benefit the long time riders as well.

We will publish the tips and tricks that our experts know, and the ones that our readers, and other experts share with us. We want you to get the most possible enjoyment from your machine, and we feel that you will enjoy your machine more if we can save you from some of the problems that could occur, or if we can tell you ways to enhance your riding experiences.

Mission Statement

It is our mission to collect and share anything we can find on the subject of motorcycles and the accessories made to go with those machines. We want every rider, whether you are a bike racer or a casual Sunday rider, to find something in our pages that they can use, share, or enjoy.

May the wind be in your hair, the sun be on your face, and your ride be eternal.