Best Speakers for Harley Davidson – Upgrades and Reviews 2023

The only thing in the world that can improve a ride on a Harley Davidson is great tunes blasting out of your speakers. Great tunes can even make a ride on a gloomy day more enjoyable.

Our readers asked us repeatedly if we had any idea about which speakers were the best. We sought out advice from audio specialist, Harley owners, and music connoisseurs. Our search led us to ask the inevitable question of which speakers were the best speaker upgrades to use on Harley Davidson products.

The following list are the top 7 products those experts told us to try.

7 Best Speakers for Harley Davidson Reviews 2023

1. Polk Audio DB522 DB+ Series 5.25" Coaxial Speakers 

These speakers are designed to simply drop in when you remove your original manufacture speakers. They are simple to replace.

The sound quality they provide is advanced and way beyond what you receive from the factory speakers that came on your bike.

They are crafted from polypropylene so they are UV tolerant. The sun is not going to damage the look of your speakers or cause the sound to be distorted.

They are marine certified with an IP55 rating so they are not going to be damaged if you run into rain while you are on the road, or if you have to park on the street for a night or two.

They measure 4.76” on the cut out diameter, 2.01” on the bottom mount and 1.74” on the top mount. They work great on cars, boats, motorcycles, ATVs and more.

2. Hogtunes 5.25" Front Speakers

These speakers are specifically designed to be used as replacement speakers on the front of the 2006 to 2013 Harley Davidson FLH Touring Bikes.

The speakers are 5.25” and fit perfectly on these Harley Davidson motorcycles.

Upgrade with these speakers and the sounds coming from them will be the best you can imagine.

They have a 1” titanium tweeter dome that provides you smoother high notes. They also have vented magnets that aide in the increase of power handling and performance. The bass is clear and is a lot more responsive than the bass was on earlier models of these speakers.

They have a 100 watts RMS power handling rating for the pair. They sound fantastic, they look fantastic, and they are simple drop ins because they are designed to fit these specific bikes.

3. BOSS MC440B Motorcycle Weatherproof Speaker System 

This speaker upgrade will be Bluetooth capabilities to your sound system. You will be able to store a vast number of songs and play them back at your pleasure when you pair these speakers with your smartphone or your MP3 player.

You no longer have to worry about radio reception being poor when you get too far from large cities.

They are 2 channel Bluetooth speakers that are weatherproof. They also come with a class A/B amplifier. The speakers are a pair of 3 inch chrome and black full range speakers.

They have a convenient inline volume control that is attached to the amplifier. You can position this control anywhere you would like so it will be easily accessible while you are driving.

They are perfectly proportioned to fit handlebars that are .75” to 1.25” in diameter. The entire unit only weighs 4.70 pounds.

4. Infinity Kappa 62IX 6.5" Coaxial Speaker System

These speakers have woofer cones that are lighter and stiffer than the ordinary woofer cones. This combined with the large amount of cone area allows them to provide you with low-frequency output.

The tweeters are edge driven textile dome that provide a better high frequency output than the common W domes that most speakers are paired with.

You will get the maximum power from your amplifier because the 2.5 OHM structural design also has low impedance voice coils that help the speaker remove every watt available.

Before an Infinity speaker is allowed to be packaged and sold it is exposed to freezing temperatures, then high heat and high humidity, and then they are vigorously shaken and exposed to ultraviolet light for long periods of time. The only speakers that make it to the shelf are the ones that survive these arduous tests.

5. Enrock 98-13 Harley Speaker Bundle

This is a speaker package. The package has two speakers in it. Those speakers are ½” 2 way coaxial speakers that provide clear sound.

It also includes 2 mounting adapters that are designed for use with 6.5” speakers. It also includes 50 foot of 16 gauge wire to use in connecting your speakers.

The clarity of the speakers is insured by the PEI tweeters. The sounds you hear from the speakers with these tweeters is so clear you can almost imagine that you are listening to a live performance.

The mounting brackets help you to install the speakers into the opening that was left when you removed your original speakers. They are specifically designed to work perfectly with a variety of Harley Davidson bikes manufactured between 1998 and 2013.

6. 96-2013 Kenwood Speaker Package with Adapter Rings 

These speakers have an economical price but do not let that price fool you into thinking that the speakers do not produce high quality sound.

These speakers can work with your radio or they can be paired with an amplifier. The sound that they provide will astound and astonish you.

These speakers and adapters are specifically designed to fit on and work with all Harley Davidson touring bikes manufactured between 1998 and 2013.

The speakers are compatible with the existing mounting brackets and holes that are already in place on these bikes.

These speakers are a vast improvement over the standard speakers installed at the factory. The clarity and precise tones they emit will allow you to fall in love with music all over again.

7. Rockford Fosgate TMS65 Power Speakers 

These speakers will provide you with the ability to hear and enjoy the music that you love. They provide 75 Watts RMS and 150 Watts Max power. They have a dome tweeter that is highly efficient and it even includes an integrated phase plug so you can hear those high notes like you have never heard them before.

The speakers are designed to be used with Harley Davidson Street Glide bikes, and Road Glide bikes that are made from 2014 on. They even come with the connectors you need and a new grill assembly for the fairing and tour packs.

These speakers are built to be durable and to be able to withstand the elements of cold, heat, humidity, ultraviolet light exposure, rain, sleet and snow. They even resist the damages that road dust can cause. They will not rust or corrode, and will provide you with many hours of great music.

Buying guide Of Best Speaker Upgrades for Harley Davidson

Best Speakers for Harley Davidson

We want your listening experiences to be the best you can have. So we comprised the following list of features that can be found on the speakers capable of being put on your bike. We wanted to give you information you could use to compare products and discern which speakers were going to deliver the sound quality you desire.


The size of the speaker should be relatively the same as the speakers that are already in place on your bike. Size varies from 4” on up to about 6.5” In order for the speakers to fit into the original speaker positions you must know what size speakers you have.

Weather Proof

Speakers are not all designed to be able to withstand the different weather conditions that a Harley Davidson bike might be exposed to. You want speakers that can get wet, get hot, get snowed on, and exposed to the ultraviolet rays of the sun without being compromised or damaged.

Installation Details

Some speakers are specifically designed to fit into the spaces that exist on certain bikes. Other speakers will come with brackets, or adapters that help you to place them in the proper position. Make sure you understand what the installation requirements are before you buy the speakers.


Some speakers come with amplifiers and some of them do not. If you want an amplifier make sure the speakers that you are buying come with one.


Some speakers can be paired to your smartphone or Bluetooth devices to allow you to play the playlist you have stored on them instead of playing the radio or CD player on your bike.

Accessory Packages

Carefully look at the accessories that the speakers come with. You may find some that offer coaxial and some that do not. It is best if you buy speakers that come with all of the mounting hardware you will need to install them.

Final Note

If you are looking for a weather proof speaker then consider the BOSS MC440B Motorcycle Weatherproof Speaker System. With these speakers on your bike you do not have to worry about being caught in the rain, or being unable to garage keep your bike while you are traveling.

 If you are looking for a 5.25” speaker that is a simple drop in replacement then we suggest you consider the Polk Audio DB522 DB+ Series 5.25" Coaxial Speakers. They are dust and water resistant with an IP55 rating. They even stand up well to exposure to high humidity or salt content in the air.

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