How Much Does A Vespa Cost – Vespa Price Comparisons 

The Vespa can be called a scooter, but these scooters are not the ordinary run of the mill children toys that you might think they are.

Vespa scooters have been in production for the last 70 years. They are an Italian luxury item that affords their owner’s a safe, fun, and easy mode of transportation.

These scooters are easy to operate and they handle smoothly. They require very little maintenance or upkeep, and provide a durable, affordable, and reliable performance.

How Much Does A Vespa Cost - Comparisons



Vespa Sprint 50 4V

MSRP is $3,699.00

Vespa Primavera 50 4V

MSRP is $3,599.00

Vespa Sprint 150 3V ABS

MSRP is $ 5,199.00

Vespa LXV 150

MSRP is $4,999.00

Vespa Primavera 150 3V i.e.

MSRP is $ 4,899.00

Vespa GTV 300 (ABS)

MSRP is $7,399.00

Vespa GTS 300 (Duper Sport SE)

MSRP is $ 6,799.00

Vespa GTS 300 (Super ABS)

MSRP is $ 6,699.00

Vespa GTS 300 (ABS)

MSRP is $ 6,599.00

You can buy cheaper scooters. The Honda Activa 125 has a starting cost of about $935.00 while the comparable Vespa LX has a starting cost of about $1045. The Yamaha Fascino has a starting cost of about $870.00 and the comparable Vespa Piaggio has a starting cost of about $1145.00 The Vespa scooters do cost a little more than their competitors, but you cannot purchase a bike based just on price.

You must consider the features of the scooter, and the reputation of the manufacturer, before you decide if two scooters are alike enough to be compared to each other.

When you are considering a scooter ask the following questions.

Are both scooters highway ready machines?

Not all scooters meet the requirements to make them capable of being ridden on highways or streets. Even Vespa has some scooters that are not highway use acceptable. The highway access ready machines will have working headlights, working turn signals, horns, and safety features like you see on motorcycles. 

Scooters that have all of the equipment required to make them legal to operate on the highway cost more than scooters that cannot be ridden on city streets and highways. Make sure that you are comparing scooters that have the same features and capabilities.

Scooters that are considered to be legal to ride on city streets may not be appropriate for interstate highways or big freeways. These small machines may be considered too small and illegal to ride on the large thoroughfares. If you are buying a scooter for transportation make sure the scooter can travel on all of the roads and highways you will need to travel.

What Powers the Scooters?

There are electric powered scooters and there are gasoline powered scooters. Gasoline scooters can get as much as 100 miles per gallon of gasoline. They are extremely efficient, but the electric scooters allow you to drive without considering gas or oil. When you drive an electric scooter you must pay attention to where you can recharge so you do not run your scooter out of power and get left with nowhere to plug the machine in for a refill.

A lot of people choose to buy the hybrid scooters that can be fueled by either gasoline or electricity. The hybrid scooters can be powered by gasoline if you were to get too far from a charging station to recharge with electricity. They can also be powered by electricity so they use less fuel and leave behind a smaller carbon footprint. The hybrid scooters are excellent for people who live in rural settings, or people who will want to take their scooter to places they have not been to before.

Cost to Insure

Generally insurance for a Vespa is for less than insurance for a car. You may be able to get insurance for your Vespa for as little as $120 per year. The reason the insurance is cheaper is because the scooter cannot reach the speeds that most vehicles can reach and they are considered to be less likely to cause bodily injury to the rider, or property damage to other vehicles.

Why do Vespa Scooters Cost More?

You are likely to be still wondering why the Vespa brand of scooters cost more than their competitors. First you have to consider that Vespa is a well-known brand of scooter that is considered to rank with Harley Davidson motorcycles and Rolex watches. The Vespa brand is a luxury brand, and you pay more for luxury brand items.

Features on the Vespa may be different from the features on the other scooters. The Vespa may have larger wheels that allow it to traverse over rough terrain smoothly, or the scooter may have a design that makes it more aesthetically appealing. These features may or may not increase the performance of the scooter, but they do influence the cost of the machines.

Features like comfort seating, fuel choices, body design, wheel selections, radios, windshield and windshield design, handlebar height, braking considerations, and more will all play a part in the price of the vehicle you choose. A scooter that has all of the latest features and accessories will normally cost you a lot more than a scooter than is a plain Jane machine.

Resale Values

One of the main reasons why people decide to buy top quality brand items like Harley Davidson bikes, Rolex watches, or Rolls Royce automobiles, is these high quality brands will bring a larger resale price if they ever decide to get rid of the item. If you buy a Vespa scooter and later decide that you want to sell your Vespa scooter you will be able to ask a higher price for the machine than you could ask if you owned a Yamaha, or some other brand of scooter.

Resale values are based on how much the general public would pay for a used version of the item. The value of the item when it is used is determined by the manufacturer’s reputation. If the manufacturer of a product has a strong reputation based on the dependability of their products, and the manner in which they respond to their customers, then the resale value of the machine will be high.

Vespa has been manufacturing quality machines for more than 70 years, and they have a reputation for being fair with customers, for exceeding customer expectations, and for constructing products that are reliable, dependable, and useful to the public.

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George Matteson - October 11, 2020

What the warranty and tire size on the 150

    Alston Seymour - October 20, 2020

    You have to contact the manufacturer about the warranty.

Claire Masters - December 30, 2021

My sister is looking into buying a Vespa since it’s been really difficult to commute these days. It’s interesting to know that a relatively expensive scooter like this has cheaper insurance premiums since they usually do not reach the running dangerous speed that has a higher possibility for accidents to happen. I think this information will just encourage my sister more to get a quote very soon after her purchase.


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