Why are Harleys so Expensive? Are Harleys worth it?

When you start looking at Harley Davidson bikes, and you see price tags like the $48,999 starting price of the CVOTM Tri Glide, or the $starting price of $27,299 for the Road Glide Special, you begin to wonder why Harley Davidson motorcycles cost more than the competitors bikes.

To understand why a Harley cost more than a Honda, or another competitor’s motorcycle, you have to consider what makes a Harley Davidson so special?

Why are Harleys so Expensive?


The Harley Davidson motorcycles are designed and constructed with nothing but the highest quality of material and craftsmanship. The name Harley Davidson is synonymous with excellence, precision, dependability. When people buy a Harley they expect to get a machine that will last for decades with the proper care. They expect to get a machine that has nothing but the finest parts, the finest materials, and the finest craftsmanship put into it. They expect the best.

Harley Davidson has spent a lot of years developing a brand name, and developing these expectations in their customers. Since 1903 Harley Davidson has been designing and creating motorcycles, and with each of their motorcycles they have tried to make the best bike. Their bikes run longer, run faster, and sound more fearsome than any other motorcycle. That is no accident.

Imagery and Expectation

Harley Davidson, like Rolex watches, and Rolls Royce automobiles, bring to mind certain things when you hear the names. You automatically think of something that is expensive, and that is the best of the best.

Harley Davidson has worked very hard to create the best motorcycles that they could, so they could develop their brand into one of the best. They succeeded in their endeavors.

A Harley Davidson bike will last you for many decades if you take care of the bike, and see that it has regular maintenance, and upkeep. Harley Davidson bikes are passed down from one generation to another because these motorcycles are made of such high quality parts.

When you buy a Harley Davidson you know that everyone that sees that bike will know that you have purchased a top of the line motorcycle. You will have pride in your purchase, and you will know that most people will envy you because of your bike. The image you create by riding a Harley Davidson is priceless. People will automatically see you as tougher, as capable of handling any situation, and as being a smart consumer.

When you buy a Harley Davidson you expect to get the best, and you enjoy the privileges afforded to people who invest in the best of the best. You will have a machine that you know was designed to last, not designed to be replaced.

Born in the USA

The Harley Davidson got its humble beginnings in Milwaukee. In 1903 the first of these top notch motorcycles was introduced to the general public. This motorcycle brand stayed in the United States, and people simply expect higher quality from products that are built in the United States. So far Harley Davidson has not disappointed the public.


If there is a motorcycle feature that you love then you can probably thank Harley Davidson engineers and design technicians for their existence. Harley Davidson does not rest from creating the best motorcycles. They create the best, and then they immediately go to work designing a bike that is even better.

They developed the electric start, they developed the custom design seats, they developed engines that had more power, and they developed bikes with more speed and greater control.

Harley Davidson does not simply build motorcycles. Harley Davidson builds machines that help people realize their dreams.

Buying a Harley


You can get a Street Rod Harley for as little as $8,999.


You can buy the Sportster Iron 883 for as little as $8,999.


If you want a Softail, Low Rider starting at $17,999.


You can buy a Fat Boy 114 for as little as $20,599.

You can also add features, increase the bells and whistles on the bike you order, and pay well over $50,000 or your bike. A Harley is not something you just go to the floor room and buy, it is a bike that you custom design to fit your image, your price range, and your sense of style.

Alston Seymour

A Harley-Davidson Motor Company certified Master Technician and avid biker, I love to write about everything and anything related to biking.

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James - May 7, 2020

Japanese and italian and german motorcycles are vastly superior in Quality than Harley Davidsons. Its a mith that harleys are better.

james - September 1, 2020

I’ve had a few Harleys and ironically the lower priced Sportsters are higher quality and more reliable than the bigger, more expensive Harleys.
It must be the fact that the Sportster engine is still based on the Evo while the big twins have faulty pressed-together cranks along with faulty cam chain tensioners. Then in 2003 they cheaped out on the crank bearing by replacing the Timken bearing with a roller bearing.


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