Best Air Intake for Harley Davidson Reviews 2023

In order for us to write everything about Harley Davidson products that our readers want to know about we had to have an article on the best air intake for Harley Davidson. Our mechanic experts told us that the air intake of your bike was one of the most vitally important components.

To make sure that each reader found an intake filter that would do what they wanted it to do we asked the experts to recommend several different ones. They obliged and they also told us what things we should consider about these devices when we were shopping for them.

Best Air Intake for Harley Davidson Reviews 2023

1. K&N 63-1125 Harley Davidson Performance Air Intake Kit

You can improve the look, sound and performance of your Harley Davidson by simply upgrading from the original air intake to this high performance intake.

K&N 63-1125 Harley Davidson Performance Intake Kit

Recommended for what Bikes?

This performance air intake kit is recommended for installation on Harley Davidson Touring bikes, the Harley Davidson soft-tail models, The Harley Davidson Twin-Cam bikes and the Harley Davidson Sportsters.


  • The air filter is a high flow air filter; so it does not restrict the air flow like the standard filters that are installed when the bike is manufactured.
  • It has a mandrel bent aluminum intake tube that allows air to flow freely because there are no obstructions in the bends of the tube.
  • Provide an aggressive appearance to your bike.
  • Significantly increases horsepower. The horsepower increase may be as great as 7.78 Hp at 4953 RPM.

Are they legal?

These air intake kits are legal to run on bikes in the majority of states. California and the states that are adopting the emission standards like the ones California has in place do not allow these air intake kits on their highways and byways.

2. K&N Cold High Performance Air Intake Kit 

This air intake system provides you all of the benefits you could want from an air filter. You even have a longer period of time between the cleanings or changes of your filter when you switch over to this filter system.

K&N Cold High Performance Air Intake Kit

Maintenance Requirements

You do not have to worry about cleaning this filter until you have driven for 100,000 miles.

Installation Considerations

You can have this air intake filter installed in less than hour using basic hand tools like wrenches and screwdrivers.

Recommended for what bikes?

This air intake is perfectly proportioned for use on the Harley Davidson Fat Bob bikes, the Harley Davidson Dyna Low Rider models, the Harley Davidson Switchback, the Harley Davidson Soft-tail Slim models, the Harley Davidson Heritage models and more that were manufactured between 2001 and 2017.


  • This improves your acceleration and reduces acceleration time.
  • This filter improves your ability to hear the sounds of your engine and increases the aggressive sound of your bike.
  • This air intake filter protects your engine from a large variety of contaminants like dust, particles, and such.
  • Improved throttle response.
  • Provides 50% more air flow than standard factory air intake filters.
  • This filter increases the life expectancy of the bike because it keeps the engine cleaner.

3. Arlen Ness Monster Sucker Air Cleaner for Harley 

These filters do an excellent job at cleaning the air that passes through them so nothing that should not enter your engine does.

Arlen Ness Monster Sucker Air Cleaner for Harley

Filter Style

These are reusable filters. That means you simply wash them after a specific number of miles and then put them back on and use them some more. These filters do not require you to put any oil on them, you simply rinse them with clean water.

The filter does not require any external hoses or hardware.


Increased air flow is provided by this filter because it is a 90 degree style that has a built in inverter. The inverter is at the top of the filter and it pulls air in from the top and from all sides. It even pulls air in from the front of the filter. The additional air flow increase and improves the performance of your bike.

Water resistant

Most bike owners will not need to have a rain sock on their air filter when they switch to this one. The filter is constructed of materials that are synthetic and water resistant. The air flow is kept at a maximum by eliminating the need for a rain sock that can restrict air flow.

4. Vance & Hines VO2 Naked Air Intake for Harley Davidson Touring Models

This is a high performance air filter upgrade that is designed to make your bike more powerful and faster than it ever was.

Vance & Hines VO2 Naked Air Intake for Harley Davidson Touring Models

Benefits of this filter

  • This filter increases the speed and horsepower of your bike. 
  • You can use the stock air intake cover with this filter.
  • Good looking filter that does not change the aesthetics of the bike.
  • Creates a nice sound that is not tool loud or too different from the one you are currently used to hearing.
  • Switching to this filter may improve gas mileage by allowing the engine to not work as hard.
  • This filter increase air flow and improves the air that moves through your engine by making it cleaner.

Installation Specifics

This filter is very easy to install in place of the original air intake filter on your bike. You do not need more than a few hand tools such as screwdrivers and wrenches that you already have on hand. It does not take more than 45 minutes for the entire installation process.

Bikes this filter can be used on

This filter can be installed on the 2016 Street Glide Special and the Harley Davidson 103. 

5. Krator Black Spike Air Cleaner Intake Filter For Harley Davidson XL Models

If you want an air intake filter that makes a statement and increases the aggressive appearance of the sportster that you ride then this is the perfect air intake for you. It does the job of increasing performance and increase throttle response time while it looks unique.

Krator Black Spike Air Cleaner Intake Filter For Harley Davidson XL Models

Features of this air intake filter

This air intake filter has an aggressive look. It is an aluminum cone spike air filter kit that is unique in appearance. It has a 360 degree slotted spike cover and is made of the highest grade of billet aluminum that is painted flat black for appearance.

Benefits of Upgrading to this filter

  • This filter is capable of increasing the throttle response time your bike has. That means you gain speed faster and move faster.
  • This filter has the capability to increase the performance of your bike because it increases the amount of air that freely flows through your engine at one time. That keeps your engine cooler and the filter keeps your engine cleaner.
  • This filter will increase the life of your engine because it keeps your engine cleaner and keeps contaminants from entering your systems.

Bikes this filter is designed for

This filter works perfectly on the Harley Davidson XL Sportsters that were manufactured between 2000 and 2006.

Best Air Intake for Harley Davidson

Buying Guide Of Air Intake For Harley

Everybody wants their bike to have increased horsepower and improved performance. The air intake filter can give you all of those things when you upgrade, or when you simply install a new one.

Before you buy a new air intake filter look at the following things that our mechanics suggested you consider. This might help you to buy the filter that will be best for your bike, and your style of riding.

The amount of Horsepower gain it promises

If the main reason for upgrading your air intake is to gain more horsepower on your bike then pay close attention to the amount of increase the filter claims to provide. A good rule of thumb is to depend on slightly less horsepower gain than what the manufacturer claims the filter will provide.

They are not lying about the gain but they tend to tell you the maximum amount of gain that has been reported and not the average amount of gain.

Is the filter flame retardant?

The best way for you to stop back firing is to install an air intake filter that has been soaked in an oil base product that has a high flash point so the filter is made flame retardant.

Is the filter a lifetime filter?

Some air intake filters are designed to be installed and then replaced after you have driven a specific number of miles. You throw away the old filter and install the new one.

Some filters are designed to never need replacing. After you have driven a certain number of miles you simply remove the filter and wash it.

Installation Specifics

Most air intake upgrades are easily done with very little installation concerns. If you own a Twin Air or a Loudmouth then you might have to remove portions of the sub-frame to get the upgrade perfectly aligned and functioning on your bike.

Just because upgrading the air intake is not hard to do that does not mean to imply that you will complete the task in just a few minutes. You will need the proper tools for the job and a little patience.

Does it meet Emission Regulations in your State

You have to pay attention to the warnings the manufacturer posts about where the filter is not legal to be used. California has strict emission codes and many filters are not legal to be placed on bikes being ridden in that state. If you are uncertain you can always ask a bike mechanic in your area.

Final Note

If you are looking for an air intake filter system that is unique in appearance and capable of making your bike look more aggressive, then we recommend the Krator Black Spike Air Cleaner Intake Filter. This air intake filter is in a cone shape that is fashioned from billet aluminum and painted flat black.

If you are looking for the air intake filter that will provide you the most horsepower increases for your Harley Sportster, Soft-tail or Touring bike then we recommend the K&N 63-1125 Air Intake Kit. This kit can give you as much as a 7.8 HP increase. It will also give you an aggressive look and improved sound.

The best air intake for Harley Davidson will save you on gas, increase your horsepower and increase the longevity of your bike. 

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