Best Air Ride For Harley Touring In 2023 Reviews

Air ride suspension is a very popular upgrade among Harley touring motorcycle users. Air ride suspensions will make your motorcycle a smoother ride and very stylish at the same time. The Harley touring motorcycles have enough width and saddlebacks that provide a disguise for the air tank and compressor.

Installing the air ride suspensions into your Harley touring bike can be a challenging task because the job requires some technical knowledge and skills.

First of all, you need to be familiar with the necessary technical knowledge if you are going to install the air ride suspension by yourself. In this article, we are going to give you reviews of the best products and a complete buying guide to the best air ride for Harley touring in 2021.

Best Air Ride For Harley Touring Reviews 2021

1. SLMOTO Air Ride Suspension Kit Fit for Harley Touring

SLMOTO is a market-leading brand when considering their amazing Air Ride Suspension Kits for Harley touring models. The design of this kit is great and will fit with all Harley touring models. You are guaranteed to get some extra attention to the road because of these.

The condition of the product is 100% aftermarket brand new when you get them at your hands. 

The look is black, so it will match with almost any color that you might have on your bike. It’s compatible with 1994-2018 Harley touring models.

Air ride suspensions are far better than the traditional steel springs that we see on most vehicles. And it’s much easier to adjust the height of your seats according to your preference.

This is a very affordable product when you consider that it offers the best performance in the market of any product at this price range. You can get this product and enjoy smoother rides with your Harley.

2. XFMT Adjustable Rear Air Ride Suspension Kit Compatible with Harley

This is a tested and certified product by our crew members. We took this suspension kit to a few test rides with our Harley 2005 Road King and got better results than expected.

You will not need much technical knowledge to install this product onto your Harley touring bike because the kit is preassembled. The regular stock shocks of your Harley will be replaced by very efficient air shocks.

You can adjust the height of the air shocks to fit your preference. The design is minimalistic and it matches all of the Harley touring models perfectly. You don’t have to worry about color combinations because the black color of the kits will match with almost any color.

When the kit is fully extended, it reaches a maximum height of 36 cm and the minimum height is 24.5 cm when all the air is released. The value you get from this product is worth every penny and more.

3. SLMOTO Rear Air Ride Suspension Kit Adjustable Fit for Harley

The third pick on our list is another very similar product from SLMOTO. AS we have already mentioned before, SLMOTO is a market-leading brand and their products have very consistent performance.

The design of this kit is great and will fit with all Harley touring models. The design is minimalistic and stylish at the same time. So you will get some turned heads on the road.

The color is black, so it will match almost any color that you might have on your bike. It’s compatible with 1994-2018 Harley touring models.

The value this suspension kit will give you is close to some products that are sold at twice the price on the market. So we can assure you that this is a bang for the buck kind of product.

4. HTTMT MT226-BK Black Air Cleaner Kits for Harley Low Rider

HTTMT is the best brand that produces air cleaners for motorcycles according to the common consensus. This model is especially compatible with the Harley touring models from 94-later.

The body is made of aluminum which makes it very lightweight compared to the size. The design of the cooler intake is like a spike cone and looks very stylish.

The design has a lot to add to the aesthetics of your Harley Davidson. It can be described as having an aggressive look. The performance of your bike will also increase significantly. The spike cover can be rotated 360 degrees to fit your convenience.

It’s easily removable which makes it easy for you to clean the washable filter. If you want better performance, you can replace the stock filter with a K&N.

Despite having been made of high-quality aluminum and a very attractive design, this cleaner costs under a hundred dollars. If you understand the features you are getting, this should be on #1 on your list of air cleaner kits without any second thought.

5. XFMT Rear Air Ride Suspension Kit W/Air Tank For Harley

The fifth pick on our list is a great air ride suspension kit from XFMT. Even though a few customers were unsatisfied with this product, we got excellent results from our tests. That is why we have added this kit to our shortlist.

You will get a complete assembled kit at your door, so you won’t have to go through all the unnecessary technical work of assembling the whole thing. 

The height-adjustable air shocks of this kit will give you much better performance and service than the stock spring. The maximum height is 36 cm when fully extended and the minimum height is 24.5 cm when all the air is released. 

It fits perfectly with all Harley touring models from 1994-2019. The design is minimalist and the color is black so it will match all the Harley model colors or any custom color. It’s an affordable kit and worth every penny.

6. TCT-MT Rear Air Ride Suspension Kit Fit For Harley Touring 1994-2020

Almost all the other air ride suspension kits on our list have similar designs except for this one by TCT-MT. The design of this kit is unique enough to make it stand out from the others.

This kit fits with all Harley touring models since 1994. You will get air shocks instead of the traditional steel springs of the stock version.

The minimum height when all the air is released from the suspension is 24.5 cm and the maximum height is 36 cm.

The kit is completely assembled for your convenience and ease of installation. The body of the entire system is nickel-plated that guarantees durability. The fittings are very strong to counteract the internal pressure of the compressed air inside.

The manifold-style dump valve block further ensures maximum performance for your Harley. Additionally, the air nozzle of the shock absorber has been upgraded and allows it to rotate 360 degrees.

The price is very reasonable and the features are excellent for the price. This kit should be high up on everyone’s consideration list.

7. SLMOTO Electric Center Stand Air Ride Suspension Fit for Harley

Our last pick but equally amazing as the other ones on this list is a suspension kit for Harley by SLMOTO. This kit features a center stand that can be bolt-on within minutes.

A linear actuator is used to raise and lower the legs of the suspension electronically.

The aluminum legs are there to make sure that your air ride kit has the sturdiest base possible while weighing very little.

The maximum and minimum dimensions of it are similar to all the previous ones that we mentioned. Your bike will be lowered by 2 or 3 inches than the stock version when you use the suspension at minimum height by releasing all the air.

The use-value you get in exchange for the small price is excellent, so you shouldn’t worry about its affordability.

air ride for Harley touring Buying Guide

An air ride suspension kit can be a great upgrade for your Harley no matter what model you are using. It’s because you are guaranteed to get better overall performance than the steel spring of the stock version.

You will get more control of the height of the suspension, it will be safer because of the strength of the system. When you are going to choose the best air ride for your Harley by yourself, you need to be well informed about the factors that you need to take into consideration. Here are those factors:

Load Capacity

Before getting any kind of suspension for your bike, you have to make sure that the suspensions can support the weight of your bike’s body. It’s the first thing that anyone should do before diving into the features in detail.

Because if the most basic and most important feature doesn’t match between your bike and the product, then it’s all in vain. Some air suspensions are more versatile than others and support higher loading capacity up to 5000 pounds.


Air suspensions are adjustable and this feature is also very important to take into consideration. The pressure needs to be on par with the required amount of pressure to withstand the bodyweight of the bike and the driver.

Parts Quality

Getting the highest quality product and features are what matters to almost all buyers. The parts can be made of many lightweight materials like Aluminum which is very lightweight at the same time too.

Check out how strong the fittings of the system are, i.e., will these withstand the extreme pressure of the compressed air. 


When we buy any kind of electric product, we make sure that we have a good warranty period available to us. In addition to high-quality parts, you want to consider an Air Lift suspension kit with a dependable warranty. Purchasing a kit with a warranty will provide great peace of mind.

If any part in the Air Lift suspension kit you purchase suddenly breaks down due to a manufacturing defect, a warranty can cover it so you don’t have to worry about spending too much on repairs or replacement. Best of all, most Air Lift suspension kits come with a lifetime warranty.

Final Note

Now that you know how to get your Harley the perfect air suspension kit, we will tell you about our favorite pick from the list. Our favorite product is the XFMT Adjustable Rear Air Ride Suspension Kit.

We love this product because of the strength of the fittings, high-quality metal body that ensures long-time durability, easy to install, and easy to remove. Aside from all of these features, this suspension kit from XFMT has consistently great feedback from thousands of customers.


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