Best Harley Seat For Tall Riders In 2023 Reviews With Buying Guide

If you are a tall person, you should already be familiar with the troubles that tall people face when riding with a Harley. Most of the time, all the discomfort and troubles are because of the seat designs in Harleys. The stock seats are not designed for tall people to feel comfortable and take a long ride with ease.

But luckily, there is an easy solution to your troubles. The solution is to change to a seat that is designed for tall people like you who own Harleys. This problem is so common that you will find hundreds of products when you search online.

This is why it’s easy to get confused with so many choices in front of you and not knowing for sure which one to get. We are here to help you with choosing the best Harley seat for tall riders with 10 products and a simple buying guide.

Best Harley Seat For Tall Rider Reviews - 2023

1. Adjustable Driver Rider Backrest for 1997-2017 Harley Road King Street Electra Glide

We don’t need to tell you much about the use of an adjustable backrest, especially for tall riders. Tall riders get back strain and muscle pain because of the continuous pressure they feel on their shoulders and back. You know that painful feeling when you get off your Harley after a long ride and can’t move your back.

Your back needs to rest so that it doesn’t have to withstand the pressure continuously during a ride. And that is exactly why an adjustable backrest can improve your riding experience greatly.

Some of you might need an adjustable backrest if you have a medical condition that requires lumbar support.

This adjustable driver rider backrest for Harley from Astra is our first choice for tall riders. It features a very comfy stitched rider backrest pad. With the help of a hidden zipper, you can take out the pad and clean it regularly.

This backrest is compatible with Harley Touring Models from 1997-2017. We highly recommend it for people who need to take long rides or enjoy long rides by venturing out on their Harley.

2. GOOFIT Motorcycle Front Rider Solo Seat + Rear Passenger Cushion for Harley Sportster 

If you have some experience in buying seats for your Harley, then you have probably come across GOOFIT at some time. GOOFIT produces the best quality motorcycle seats with consistently great customer reviews.

This product features a front seat and passenger cushion for the rear. We recommend this product to tall people because the seat is a little higher than the stock seats.

You will be surprised by how useful adding a few inches to the height can be for your back. The seats are extremely easy to install. All you need to do is get rid of your stock seats and put the new ones in place. There is no additional fitting that you have to worry about.

The seat is made of very durable material, it will remain in great shape after thousands of miles while providing you a much more comfortable journey. Lastly, you’d realize that this product gives you excellent value for the price you are paying as opposed to hundreds of dollars for premium seats.

3. Qlhshop Motorcycle Adjustable Driver Rider Backrest Pad for 1997-2017 Harley

We have added this product by Qlhshop because of the excellent reviews we have gotten from customers. Aside from that, everyone is familiar with the quality backrest pads that are manufactured by Qlhshop.

This backrest pad features a built-in sponge that will give your back a warm and comfy feeling. You can adjust the seat to fit your back perfectly, so you don’t need to worry about that.

 Your lower back will also be fully supported which will ease the pressure on that area and ensure your pleasant ride. Not only that, the height of the backrest and the angle can be adjusted for maximum comfort.

There is an opportunity to increase the seat room if you take passengers on your ride. On the back of the seat, there is a pocket that lets you keep the important tools or your driving license close to you. This product is compatible with 2007-2017 Harle Davidson Fatboy and Heritage Softail Models.

4. TCMT Driver Rider Passenger Seat For Harley Touring Road King

TCMT is a market-leading brand when it comes to manufacturing motorcycle seats. This product is one of their best quality ones. It’s especially recommended if you are a tall rider or have back pain issues after long rides.

The material of the seat is made of 100% synthetic leather on the outside. It features a super comfy foam inside and other parts are made of iron and plastic.

Installing this seat into your Harley Davidson Road King should be no trouble at all. Simply remove the stock seat and install this seat.

All the customer reviews we received were extremely positive. One of our people took this seat for a test drive on their Harley road king and reported that the experience was much better than the stock seat.

The value you get from this product is close to some few hundred dollars premium seats on the market. So you should definitely keep this product on your radar.

5. Adjustable Driver Backrest With Mount For Harley Touring Street Glide Road King

The fifth pick on our list is another adjustable driver backrest for Harley. It’s perfect for the tour-loving tall riders. The pad is made of a very comfy foam that will allow your back to rest nicely.

And the rest is made of high-quality and durable metal that guarantees you comfortable rides for thousands of miles.

The backrest pad is compatible with Harley Touring Road King Street Glide Ultra 2009-2020. 

One special feature is that you can easily remove and fold the backrest when you don’t want to use it. You might need to remove it if you have a passenger for some additional room.

All the required mechanisms will be hidden under the seat so you don’t have to worry about bad aesthetics or getting hurt by them accidentally. We think this product should be affordable for everyone who needs this. Because you buy it at a fraction of the value that you get.

6. AUFER Black Adjustable Plug-in Driver Rider Backrest for Touring Models

Another driver rider backrest on our list. Because these are perfect for tall riders, without needing to change their seats completely.

You can adjust the AUFER Adjustable Backrest any way you want to. Your back needs rest, and that’s why you need this amazing backrest from AUFER.

The backrest pad contains a pocket kit on the back for you to keep necessary accessories close to you. 

The inside of the pad is made of a soft sponge that makes it so comfortable. You’ll realize the excellent job this simple thing does when you go out the next time on your Harley after installing this backrest.

The design is ergonomic, stylish, and slim. The slim design allows room for a passenger to get on without the need to remove the backrest. This product is affordable and will be worth every penny.

7. Mustang 76145 Fastback One-Piece 2-Up Motorcycle Seat for Harley-Davidson Sportster

Our seventh pick is a little bit on the higher price end compared to the other products. But we have still chosen it because of the extremely good value that you’ll get from the three hundred bucks thrown at it.

This seat features a high-rising wall that will give excellent support for your lower back.

You won’t feel the need to get an additional backrest even if you have back pain. The driving seat is cut low and will take you further back than the stock seat. This will allow your long leg more room to move.

The ergonomic design is especially recommended for tour-loving tall riders. You will also give your motorcycle a much more stylish look. The installation is easy and simple. This seat is compatible with Harley Davison Sportster models. The value you’ll get is close to some 500 buck seats on the market.

8. XFMT New Hammock Rider and Passenger Seat for Harley

XFMT is one of our most trusted brands for products like motorcycle seats. We have chosen this product from them after testing it with our Harley and getting excellent results.

This seat is suitable for tall riders because it has great support for the lower back.

The material is original synthetic leather and soft foam. The design is like a bucket seat to provide integrated suspension that will protect your and your passenger’s tailbone from the strain. It’s compatible with Harley’s Touring and Tri Glide models. If you have a Harley model after ‘09, you need to remove the grab rail for installing this seat. You will face no hassle installing it or removing it for cleaning.

The customer feedback is consistently great. There is no chance for you to be disappointed after buying this product.

9. AUFER Adjustable Plug-in Rider Backrest Custom Fit for Harley

AUFER’s backrests for Harley are amazing and give great service. That is why we have chosen another product from them. The top is strongly stitched to allow long-time usability.

The backrest is contoured and upholstered which makes it perfect for tall riders. It provides full backrest support and doesn’t push the rider forward.

You can use the backrest in four different mounting locations that will fit various kinds of seats and allows different riding positions. The height of the backrest and the angle can be adjusted very easily without any tools.

It’s compatible with Harley Touring Models from 1997-2000. If you ever face rain during a lovely ride, you have nothing to worry about because the backrest is completely waterproof. The exterior is made of anti-rust and durable material. This product is a bang for the bucks. Take this out on your next ride and enjoy a lovely ride for hours without any fatigue or back pain.

10. Kuryakyn 1670 Plug-In Adjustable Driver Seat Backrest for Harley

The last but not the worst pick on our list is a great adjustable backrest from Kuryakyn. We have kept this product for the last pick because it’s priced at a higher range than the other backrests on this list.

But we can guarantee you that it’s not overpriced by any means, because of so many additional features that you will get. If you are someone who likes to throw in some extra bucks for the great features, then this product is perfect for you. 

The contoured upholstered backrest will fit perfectly with the carve of your back. It features a removable back pocket which allows you to carry it with you or make room for a passenger if necessary.

The installation is simple and easy. You can adjust the height and the angle according to your needs. The exterior is made of high-quality UV-rated and weather-resistant vinyl that gives maximum comfort without getting heated up or being cooled down due to the weather. Many customers will buy this product for this awesome feature alone.

Additional features include 1 receiver assembly, 1 backrest assembly, 09-later adapter, 08-before adapter, and a hardware kit. Our expert opinion is that the additional features are worth every penny of the extra hundred bucks that you will be spending.

Harley Seat Buying Guide for Tall Riders

Different kinds of seats are made for different sizes of riders. If you are a tall rider, there are some very important factors that you need to keep in mind to get yourself the perfect product.

Additional Room

The first thing you need to look for is whether or not the seat has an additional room that will allow you to move back within the driver seat. Tall riders have bigger bodies, both upper and lower, that’s why this additional room can increase their comfort significantly.

Seat Height

The stock seats that come with Harley Davidson bikes are not at all suitable for anyone over six feet. Their seats are simply not high enough. This is why seat height is a very important factor for you as a tall rider.

But be careful of buying seats that might be too high and cause you to discomfort instead of comfort. If the seat is too high, then you will not be able to reach the ground with your legs at all times, and it won’t be good for your back either.

You can be certain about whether or not a seat has the right height for you buying taking the seat on a test ride. Almost all manufacturers will allow you to take test rides, so you can rest assured.

You can also test how the new seat might feel by artificially increasing the height of your stock seat to meet the height of the seat you want to buy. You can do that by temporarily adding a foam or something similar on top of your seat to get it to the height specified. We recommend that you take the seat out on a test ride to make a better decision.

Seat Position

By seat position, we mean how far the seat will be installed from the tank. If it’s too close, then you will feel cramped and your crotch will not feel very safe. As a tall rider with a bigger body, you want a seat that shifts your bottom a few inches to the back and allows your leg more room to move. Believe us when we say that a few inches will do the trick for you.

In this case, too, we recommend that you test the seat by going on a short ride.

Seat Padding

The padding obviously matters because your bottom needs to be in the comfort too. Different kinds of manufacturers use different technologies in their padding. The most common are foam, sponge, and gel. But some foam seats will feel different than others, because of the way the seat is built.

And the same goes for sponge or gel paddings. If the padding is too soft then it might get thinner day by day due to your weight. But if the padding is too hard, then you will feel all sorts of pain in your bones and your back.

When it comes to the seat padding, go for a longer test ride because you need to get the feeling right.

Wrapping Up

We tried to cover everything you’ll need to buy the best backrest/seat suitable for your Harley ride. It all comes down to getting informed and testing out according to that information when you are buying the actual product.

Depending on your need, you might need a backrest or a new seat, or both. Whatever you choose to get, you can compare the products and their features with the ones that we mentioned on our list. And if you get any of the products from our list, be sure to test them out for yourself because you know what works best for you.

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