Best Lowering Shocks for Harley Touring – Reviews 2023

I discovered the crucial information that when you put lowering springs on your Harley Touring bike you need to also install shocks that are shorter. When I placed the new springs on my bike, I shortened the distance between the top of my strut and my lower control arm. In essence that put my stock shock out of line so it was not long before I bottomed my shock out.

Learn from my experience and go ahead and replace your stock length shock with a shorter lowering device when you replace your springs. 

Best Lowering Shocks for Harley Touring Reviews in 2023

1. Progressive Suspension 944-4020UT Ultra Touring Heavy-Duty Shocks for Harley


These are standard length and height shock absorbers. They will fit any Harley Davidson touring bike built between 1984 and 2018. They also fit 1986 – 2018 Electra Glides, 1998 – 2018 Road Glides, 1994 – 2018 Road Kings, 2006 – 2018 Street Glides, and the 2015 0 2018 Ultra Limited Models.

These are considered to be progressive suspension shock absorbers. They weigh six pounds each and they measure 17” x 7” x 3.5”. They will not change the way your bike looks but they will increase the amount of stability and control that you will have while you are riding.

These shocks have frequency sensing technology designed into them. They are capable to sense how frequently you hit a bump in the road and automatically make adjustments so your ride is smoother. They anticipate what conditions will be like and make pre-loaded adjustments that stop those conditions from being troublesome to you.

You do not need any special tools or abilities to install these on your back. They are pre-loaded by hand and are charged with high-pressure gas so they give consistent responses. The high-pressure gas does not leak out of the shocks like air leaks from air shocks. You have less maintenance and get a product that is more durable.

2. Ohlins HD 022 Shocks for 1998-Newer Harley-Davidson FLH/FLT Touring Motorcycles


You can forget air loss hassles when you switch to these oil or pressurized gas shocks. They do not leak out and they provide you with the ultimate smooth ride. You do not have to carry an air pump with you to get your shocks to deliver the smooth ride you want.

These are easy to install. You do not need specialized tools or knowledge to put them on your bike. You can end bottoming out worries and ride with more confidence down any type of roadway.

These shocks will increase the handling ability of your bike. You will have greater control along with a more comfortable ride. They are adjustable according to the rider weight and the sag of the suspension system.

The shocks are pre-loaded so you do not need specialized tools or equipment to install them. You also do not have to fight the shocks trying to get them properly compressed. They are situated in a single tube emulsion style damper and are 13”, except for the shocks designed for the Street Glide and they are an inch shorter.

3. Progressive Suspension 422-4002C Chrome Adjustable Heavy-Duty Rear Suspension Shock


These amazing shocks offer you two full inches of ride height adjustment. With that amount of adjustment, you can customize the ride of your bike according to your weight or according to the roadways, you frequently travel. The stability of your bike can be greatly improved with the addition of these shocks. You get the lowered aggressive look you desire but maintain the safety and stability that you need.

This is a dual coil system that gives you the maximum amount of absorption and smoothness. You cannot ask for a more comfortable ride and they are great for city streets or country lanes. They weigh a total of six pounds so they do not make any drastic changes to the steering abilities of your bike. They measure 17 inches x 7 inches x 3.5 inches and are easy to install.

The shocks have a chrome-plated finish that protects them and allows them to work longer and be more durable than the majority of absorbers. They are charged with high-pressure gas so you do not have the annoying air-leaks or the problems that come with shocks that you have to refill with air.

These lowering shocks in conjunction with lowering springs will provide you the look you want. They will also stop you from bottoming out because you lowered your springs and forgot to shorten your shocks.

Buying Guide of Lowering Shocks for Harley Touring: 

Shock absorbers make your ride smoother and more comfortable. Without shock absorption, you will feel every bump and will not enjoy your rides as often. The absorption is needed on city streets and on rougher country lanes. The aggressiveness of your shocks will be determined by the aggressiveness of the roadway you ride the most often.

The Bikes the Shock can be Used on

Every shock is designed to fit specific bikes. You need to make certain that the ones you are considering are designed to work with the style and model of bike that you are riding.


The height or length of the shock determines the height of your bike. Your shock needs to be a height that works well with the height of the springs you have on the item. If the springs are shorter the shock cannot work properly and is likely to bottom out.


The total weight of the shocks is going to add to the total weight of your bike. This added weight can change the way that the bike steers, or the speed in which it travels.


The exact length and width of the shocks you buy will determine how well they fit your bike. Remember that if you have just put lowering springs on your bike your shocks are going to need to be shorter to accommodate the new spring length.

Special Technologies

High-Frequency sensing is one of the special technologies that many shock absorbers come with today. The absorber senses the pattern in which you normally have been hitting rough patches and it adjusts so that your bike goes more smoothly over those patches.

High-pressure gas-charged shocks allow you to have a more consistently smooth and bump-free ride.


Pre-loaded shocks do not require you to compress the shock before you install it. They are easier to install and they reduce the need for specialized tools or knowledge.


You want to buy shocks that can be adjusted according to the weight of the rider. Some riders are heavier than others and for these riders, you need shocks that can be adjusted to they do not allow the bike to sag or bottom out when you cross speed bumps and rough terrain.

Final Note: 

If you are interested in a heavy-duty rear suspension shock you should consider the Progressive Suspension 422-4002C Chrome Adjustable Heavy-Duty Rear Suspension Shock. It is a chrome-plated shock that has a full two inches of adjustments you can make according to your weight, preferences and bike height.

If you would prefer shocks that are designed to give you stability and fit a 1988 or newer Touring bike then consider the Ohlins HD 022 Shocks for 1998-Newer Harley-Davidson FLH/FLT Touring Motorcycles.

Your shocks are what make your ride comfortable and enjoyable. Finding the perfect pair makes a big difference.

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