Best Cleaning Products for Harley Davidson Reviews 2023

I am the world’s worst to procrastinate cleaning and waxing my bike. I love to see my motorcycle shining and looking new, but I put off doing the work. My wife suggested that I include a cleaner review on this website in hopes that I might discover some new cleansers that were easy to use, environmentally friendly, and stalling-stoppers.

I researched these products the old-fashioned way. I asked all of my bike owning friend’s what products they recommended, and why they recommended them. Her trick worked, because as I heard about the great cleaners available, I had to try some of them myself, and because of that my bike looks better than it has in several years. Well, played. Susan.

Best Cleaning Products for Harley Davidson Reviews in 2023

1. Meguiar's Motorcycle Care Kit

There are three products included with this package. You get a general cleaner, a liquid wax and a leather conditioner.

The all-purpose cleaner can be used on your entire motorcycle. It is safe, gentle, and easy to use. You simply spray this remarkable stuff on your bike and then rinse it away and the grime and road dust washes away with the rinse.

The wax is a one-step wax that cleans and polishes your glossy finishes in one easy step. It changes your views on waxing completely.

The leather conditioner is easy to apply and will breathe new life back into your leather. You can stop the ravages of time and bring your leather back to the lustrous appearance it had when your bike was new.

These products are packaged so that they easily fit into your saddlebags and can be carried with you when you travel.

2. Wizards - Motorcycle Quick Kit Cleaner

This is an ultimate kit that will clean, shine your bike, and remove those pesky road bugs. It comes with a fiber cloth that helps you to apply the products, and a convenient carry bag with a strap to help you transport the items.

The mist and shine cleaner can be used on any portion of your bike. Use it on the painted sections, the chrome, the fairing, your windshield and every other part of your ride.

The wash is a spray on and rinses off a product that does not require a lot of elbow grease to get the road grime off of your bike surfaces. It is easy to use, it is powerful, and it is gentle enough to be sprayed on your entire bike surface.

The bug wash is a pre-soak that you apply before you use the wash. You allow the bug remover to sit on the bike surface for sixty seconds and it loosens the bug matter so you do not have to scrub to get your bike clean. It causes less damage to your clear coat and chrome than many other bugs removing products.

3. Pimp Stixxx PS 100-Z Black Component Cleaning and Detailing System

This is a cleaning tool kit. It contains all of the necessary elements you will need to perfectly clean every section of your bike.

The components are placed in a carry bag that easily allows you to get out just the one item you need without dumping the entire contents on the ground and rummaging through them.

The pieces are threaded on one end so you can connect them to female connectors and increase the length of the tool or decrease the length according to the area of the bike you are trying to reach.

You get a cotton cloth that is great for general cleaning and removing grease. You get a microfiber cloth that you use to increase the shine, and you get a variety of cleaning heads that get into all of the nooks and crannies of the bike.

All of the pieces are self-lubricating and will not leave marks or scuffs on your bike surface.

4. Onetrack Me Motorcycle Detailing Brush Kit

These brushes are made with wool and boar fibers and will not scratch your clear coat or mar your finish in any way. They provide professional results with less elbow grease on your part.

The brushes are capable of helping you clean and shine your bike perfectly. They save you a lot of time because they make it easier to remove the grime and increase the shine. 

They can be used on the chrome, the leather, your screens, wheels, windshields, and on any portion of your bike.

The brushes come in a convenient carry bag so you can always keep them together and know where they are when it is time to use them. This is a six-piece set that provides you with a brush that is capable of every cleaning type that you need to do on any automobile or motorcycle.

5. Turtle Wax 50751 Ultimate Motorcycle Cleaning Kit

This is the ultimate Turtle wax cleaning kit that will take your bike from dirty to fabulous in less time than you think. It has all of the cleaning components you need to clean all of your surfaces and create a beautiful shine and perfect finish.

This is a seven-piece kit designed to clean and shine the leather, painted surfaces, plastic components, rubber and vinyl components. It is everything you need.

These products are designed to remove oxidization so your bike can shine like new, and will look better than ever. It removes swirl marks and minor scratches leaving your surfaces pristine and shiny.

It conditions the leather, vinyl and plastic components to stop the ravages of time and nature. It softens your leather and gives it back the supple appearance and feel that it is supposed to have.

The final product will clean your glass surfaces and leave them with a streak-free appearance. You can see better, and enjoy your bike more when these surfaces are perfectly cleaned.

Buying Guide of Cleaning Products for Harley Davidson

Cleaning products come in a wide variety and they are designed to perform different maintenance tasks. Most of us have a cabinet that is filled with products we have purchased and then did not use more than once. To avoid adding more chemicals to your product cabinet you should consider the following things before purchasing.


The ingredients in some cleaning supplies are natural and do not pose any threat to the exterior of your bike or to the environment. Some products include harsh chemicals that can burn your eyes, and can cause your motorcycles to finish to be tarnished if it gets on your paint.

Always read the ingredient list on cleansers before you buy them. With this knowledge, you will know if you have to wear gloves or goggles when using the item, and you can determine how safe the item is for your bike surfaces.

What it is designed to clean

Cleansers all have an intended purpose. Some clean mirrors, some clean leather, some clean chrome, and some are versatile and can be used on a variety of surfaces. Make sure you understand the intended purpose of the product before you purchase it.

How often do I need to use it?

Some cleaners, like the ones designed to be used on your mirrors, can and should be used on a weekly basis. Leather conditioners should be applied at least once a month. Wheel cleaners are designed for use each time you wash your ride.

You want to figure out how often you will be using the cleanser so you can determine if you need a large bottle or if a small container will suffice.


A cleanser that has to be ordered online is not as convenient to come by as one that is sold in most stores. If you know ahead of time that you want to use a product that has to be ordered you can order it in advance and keep a stock of it on hand. If you can purchase the product at most stores that sell cleaning products for cars, trucks, and motorcycles then you can afford to allow yourself to run out because it is easy to replace.

Extra features

If the product comes with application brushes, scrubbing tools, sponges, or other extra items you will be getting more for your money, sometimes. If the product comes with extra items like this check to see what the price difference is between a single bottle of the product and the combination kit that you are looking at. You can also check to see how much those extra items usually cost to determine if you are getting a great bargain or not by buying the kit.

Final Note

If you are looking for a good wax that will protect the exterior of your bike, and make your bike shine like new again then we recommend you try Meguiar's Motorcycle Care Kit.

If you are looking for a product that is great at removing bug matter from your bike then we recommend you try Wizards - Motorcycle Quick Kit Cleaner.

Keeping your bike clean and waxed will make it look better longer. It will also increase the resale value of the ride if you ever want to sell it or trade it in.

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