Best Motorcycle Glasses for Night Riding Review in 2021

Your bike’s headlights aren’t enough to provide a clear vision of the surroundings. Night-vision glasses can reduce the risk of night riding, but do they work? We asked the same question to our research team, and it turns out that several high-quality night vision glasses exist that are excellent for riding in the dark. 

So, after dedicated research, the following are the ANSI-approved best motorcycle glasses for night riding. Our team spent resources finding and testing some of the best night riding glasses available. With ANSI’s approval system and practical test to prove the glasses’ abilities, this list was created. So, let’s check it out!

Best Motorcycle Glasses for Night Riding Review

1. RIVBOS Polarized Sports Sunglasses

RIVBOS Polarized Sports Sunglasses

Polycarbonate polarized lens and excellent frame materials, many more exciting factors make RIVBOS our first pick. These sports sunglasses are robust and made for the harshest of the environment. And on top of it, these look stylish as well. So, what are the qualities that make this one of the best night riding glasses? Let’s have a look! 

The lens, being the most critical part of the glasses, is our primary focus. In this case, RIVBOS sports sunglasses contain TAC polarized lenses with mirror coating. These can easily avoid UVB, UVA, and blue light. On top of protecting your eyes from harmful light, the yellow lenses are suitable for night riding or going through fogs, thanks to enhancing color contrast. 

The frame of RIVBOS glasses is made of TR 90 material. They are not only durable but also lightweight, making them more comfortable. Overall, it is undoubtedly a worthy purchase for bikers riding on dark roads.

2. Aully Park

Aully Park

Looking for durable and reliable motorcycle riding glasses? Aully Park is perfect polarized glasses for outdoor activity sports that provide multiple protection and are comfortable to wear. They are perfect for providing you with a clean and safe vision.

The glasses are padded with polarized foam and consist of scratch-resistant, shatterproof, and UV protected polycarbonate lenses. The entire package consists of a pouch, sport headband, and cleaning cloth, which is quite distinctive for any manufacturer to provide such elements. The plastic frame of the glasses has rubber ear pads to provide you with more comfort. It is experimentally proved that the glasses are very strong and flexible that can withstand serious explosions or collisions.

Aully Park is a comfortable and reliable sport glass that will protect your eye correctly and comfortably. Have a wonderful ride wearing these!

3. Belinous Safety Glasses

Belinous Safety Glasses

Belinous Safety Glasses are the perfect sunglasses for outdoor activities and sports, including hiking, riding, cycling, and many more. They provide perfect eye protection as they are windproof and dustproof.

The glasses arrive along with four interchangeable lenses that can be altered anytime easily. The unisex construction of the glasses makes them fit for both men and women. These glasses include air cushions that allow your eyes to stay secured against dust and wind particles. The UV protection against the sunlight and harmful blue light is amazing. It will renovate the true color, eliminating other reflected lights protecting your eyes. The safety glasses are made from top-class materials, making the frame completely light, durable, and fashionable. A complete steal!

No one would ever want to decline them because the entire box that comes with the glasses consists of a microfiber cleaning cloth, sport headband, polycarbonate lenses, and many more.

4. Global Vision Safety Sunglasses

Global Vision Safety Sunglasses

Global Vision being an experienced enterprise, delivered these high-quality sunglasses that consist of shatterproof polycarbonate lenses, and are composed of dust and wind protection. 

The lenses installed in this frame are polycarbonate lenses that are designed with UV protection coating. Besides, the UV protection coating will provide maximum protection for your eyes from the sun’s harmful rays. The glasses’ interior is padded with thick vented EVA foam that will guard you against any dust and wind particles. These polycarbonate lenses are shatterproof and meet the highest standards of being flexible and reliable. The high-quality sunglasses come along with comfortable black nose pads. Also, the frames are designed with a scratch-resistant coating that can stand against any explosion or collision.

If you plan to experience the best ride without any wind or dust particles bothering your eyes, then these protective sunglasses are the ultimate option—the perfect sunglasses for your exciting journey.

5. RIVBOS Sports Sunglasses

RIVBOS Sports Sunglasses

If you are looking for a stylish solution for your eye protection, then RIVBOS Sports Sunglass has an impressive lens quality that will provide the most stylish protection to your eyes. It is just the one to assist you during your hiking, riding, and other outdoor sports activities providing proper security to your eyes.

RIVBOS Sports Sunglasses are the most striking athletic sunglasses that provide a safe experience for all kinds of adventure. The wraparound construction of the glasses fits perfectly and comfortably around your face and is remarkably durable. Its flexibility is of a high standard and can be bent under supreme pressure without breaking the structure. These sensational sunglasses provide adequate protection from the sun’s harmful rays and do not allow any wind or other dust particles to harm your eyes.

These polarized sunglasses have a mirror coating and a rubber frame that increases the level of flexibility and makes the glasses perfectly durable for any adventure.

6. Kemimoto Motorcycle Glasses

Kemimoto Motorcycle Glasses

Kemimoto Motorcycle Glasses are the perfect accessory that will provide you with adequate protection during racing activities, outdoor sports, and game tactics. These glasses will turn the scorching sun’s light into a comfortable experience and will allow you to see a more clear world.

The motorcycle glasses come along with different lenses, starting with anti-fogging clear lenses, yellow and colorful HD film lenses, and grey lenses that show the true colors. Moreover, the riding glasses will provide the perfect guard for your eyes against dust, wind, and sunlight. The entire frame of the sunglasses is shatterproof and scratch-resistant. Your eyes will not be harmed in any way because of the harmful UV radiation when you are riding your vehicle. It supplies a long-lasting service because of its polycarbonate structure and is completely lightweight, allowing comfortable riding.

Do not hesitate to purchase one of these if you decide to have a comfortable and safe adventure. So, hurry up and grab one today!

7. Bertoni Motorbike Glasses

Bertoni Motorbike Glasses

Bertoni Motorcycle goggles consist of photochromic anti-fog lenses and are made in anti-crash impact resistant polycarbonate. These glasses are prepared with innovative technology that supports your eyes for clear vision against light and other dust particles.

The unique framework of the glasses supports any face size and provides a comfortable experience. The lens adapts itself to various environmental changes like bad weather, high brightness, foggy climate, and other issues. These are certified to provide 100% UV protection to your eyes, and you can wear them all day long without feeling uncomfortable. The glass frame’s interior is spread by a soft foam that provides the perfect comfortable grip along with nose pads that keeps the glasses firmly on your eyes. The wraparound construction helps your eyes stay protected from wind and dust particles allowing you to have an enhanced clear vision.

It provides the perfect protection for your exhilarating adventures on your motorbikes.

8. YIMI Safety Sunglasses

YIMI Safety Sunglasses

YIMI Sunglasses are considered the safest solution for your eyes while going for sports and outdoor activities like hiking, climbing, riding, and many more. Not only do they stand to be reliable eyewear but also tend to be extremely comfortable for your eyes.

The safety glasses are prepared with a metal frame that allows it to be more strong and durable against any kind of explosion or collision during the journey. Its polarized glasses inherit a photochromic lens and anti-reflective coating for appropriate vision. The photochromatic construction is set based on light intensity and ultraviolet that will darken the lens when needed. That is why the lenses can adjust easily with bright areas and dark areas automatically. These glasses provide a reliable and effective solution while riding your bike and tend to be fashionable accessories.

YIMI Sunglasses are the finest eyewear for sports enthusiasts and people feeding upon adventures. Therefore, purchase one today and experience a comfortable journey.

Buying Guide

You will be wrong if you think these glasses are simple commodities. As they are designed to provide safety, better vision, and many other features, you need to make sure of those before making a purchase. The following are the most important factors to consider before buying the best motorcycle glasses for night riding. 

Fog and Wind Protection

Fog protection is not a very common feature that you can find, but they are still important, especially during winter nights. So, if you are riding late night, anti-fog feature is essential for you. However, since it may be hard to find glasses with coating for fog resistance, you can stick to a regular one if you never have to face a foggy atmosphere. 

On the other hand, wind protection is a must-have feature for motorcycle glasses. With proper foam padding, the glasses can block wind, keeping your eyes safe from dust. Wind protection will let you ride at high speed without any issues. 

ANSI Approval

You should always pick the eyewear approved by ANSI as they perform practical tests to ensure the security of any glasses. When it comes to motorcycle glasses, the ANSI Z87.1 approval is something you should look for. Getting the approval means that the glasses can protect your eyes and are good enough for long-term usage.

So, what if you like some glasses that are missing ANSI approval? Well, unless you are just looking for eyewear for style, don’t purchase them! ANSI approval is an assurance that the glasses are qualified for biking and can provide safety. 

Water Resistance

Water-resistance is an essential feature of motorcycle glasses. No, you will not ride underwater with those glasses, but when you are wearing open-face helmets, waterproof glasses are a must. Water-resistance is acquired with a hydrophobic coating. So, make sure to look for this feature as it will help you ride during rain or snow. 

Frame and Lenses 

Frame and lenses are two parts that form eyewear. For motorcycle glasses, lenses should be made with high-quality materials and with additional coatings for advantages. If you are riding during the sun, polarized lenses providing UV protection are the better choice. Night riding requires yellow glasses that will absorb light. 

A high-quality frame ensures the durability of your glasses. Just regular plastic won’t do, especially for biking. So, make sure to check out the materials before making a purchase. 

Final Note

If you are looking for better lenses and frames, as you should, RIVBOS Polarized Sports Sunglasses are an excellent choice. Their night vision collection is excellent due to high-quality lenses.

You can enjoy its durability as it comes with high-grade frame material. Polycarbonate lenses are also an excellent choice. And if you are searching for them, then you should get the Aully Park glasses. These are quite elegant, and also the glasses can be highly comfortable due to the foam padding. 

Make sure that you ride safely by wearing safety glasses at night. With night-vision glasses, you eliminate a great number of risks and increase your safety on the bike! 

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