The 7 Best Auto Tuners for Harley Davidson Review In 2023

It is no secret that the air and fuel ratio determines how efficient your fuel injected bike is. Keeping your air to fuel ratio at the perfect balance improves gas mileage and makes your bike run better, but it also makes your motorcycle last longer because of less wear and tear.

To insure a proper air to fuel ratio our experts went on the search for the best auto tuners for Harley Davidson motorcycles. After much testing and feature consideration those experts decided the following 8 auto tuners were their favorites.

Best Auto Tuner for Harley Davidson Reviews in 2023

1. Vance & Hines Fuelpak FP3 - Best Tuner for Harley 103 & Other Models

Fuel management of your Harley Davidson just got easier. You can now tune your motorcycle and make fuel adjustments using your cell phone.

This device will work with HRLEY Davidson bikes that have 6 pin connectors like the following: FLH, FLT 2014-2020FXD, FXST, FLST, XG500, XG750A. It is restricted for use in the state of California.

The device utilizes the flash technology you are aware of to make calibration assessments and adjustments. It also uses this technology to create a map of your exhaust and connects you to upgrades that are available in the calibration library of Vance & Hines.

The device gives you the ability to see on your smartphone screen the speed you are traveling at, the RPM’s, the temperature of your cylinder head, your gear selection, and more statistics.

It can make a calibration of your ECM using flash tuning, and it has an auto tuning feature that allows you to have more precise calibrations made. You can see all of the data on your smartphone, and since the device utilizes Bluetooth technology there are no wires to connect to your bike.

You can keep your bike perfectly tuned without ever getting out of the saddle.

2. Vance & Hines Fuelpak FP3 – 66005

This is one of the finest model which we added in our Harley Auto Tuner reviews post. The Fuelpak FP3 connects to your smartphone, either iPhone or Android, wirelessly.

It is designed with a wireless Bluetooth connect-ability so accessing the data on the Fuelpak is easy to do, and you will not even have to get off the bike.

The device has an auto tune feature that uses the factory sensors to determine the adjustments that are needed for the perfect air to fuel ratio.

By using the factory sensors the tuner is capable of getting the precise settings that are perfect for your machine.  The tuner can also make adjustments to the fuel ratio according to what grade of fuel you are currently running in your bike.

You can connect to the data that the sensors provide via Bluetooth and see the data on your smartphone so you do not have to mount a display screen on your handlebars, or anywhere on your bike.

You can see displays on your smartphone that tell you what speed you are operating at, what your current RPM is, the temperature of your cylinder head, the voltage, the gear selection and many other vital statistics about your bike.

This device is compatible with the Harley Davidson Electra Glides in years 2014 – 2019, the Road Glides, the Road Kings and the Street Glides. It can be used on trikes that are from years 2014 – 2019. It works on softails from years 2011 – 2019. It can be used on the Dynas, and the Sporsters that are from years 2014 – 2019.

3. Vance And Hines Fuelpak Led 2002-2007 H-d Touring Fuel & Air #61003a

You want the best performance out of your motorcycle. And, the Fuelpak FP3 will revolutionize fuel management for all new HD models now using the HDLAN (CAN Bus) system.

It uses flash technology to recalibrate engine parameters and mapping for exhaust systems.

The Fuelpak FP3 is the next step in fuel management and performance for Harley-Davidson motorcycles. With the use of flash technology, this device can recalibrate engine parameters and mapping for exhaust systems, making it a perfect choice for anyone looking to get the best out of their bike.

The FP3 connects wirelessly by Bluetooth to any iPhone or Android smartphone, allowing you to easily manage your fuel system no matter where you are. The Autotune feature uses all factory sensors to add an extra layer of precision tuning, making it perfect for those with unique components or different grades of fuel.

Plus, the Live Sensor Data can be viewed through the smartphone to display speed, RPM, cylinder head temperature, voltage and gear selection.

4. ThunderMax Auto Tune 309-485 for 2004-2011 Harley Davidson Dyna Motorcycles

ThunderMax Auto Tune is the perfect solution for those looking to flash tune their ECU without any setup required.

Using your existing account, you can select a tune and flashing is easy - just follow the on-screen prompts. The ThunderMax database offers a vast selection of pre-loaded tunes for different configurations, making it easy to find the right one for your bike.

If you need a custom tune, you can easily download and manage tunes using the WinPEP 8 Data Center. This software also records real-time engine data, which can be viewed in the Data Center or shared with others. The ThunderMax Auto Tune is optimized for remote tuning - easily ride, record and share data logs and tunes.

Plus, if there are any DTC's (diagnostic trouble codes), you can read, review, clear and share them with built in descriptions. The ThunderMax supports licensing additional vehicles, so you can keep using it even when you switch bikes. And if you ever want to go back to stock, it's easy - just return to stock any time.

5. Power Vision Can Blk Black By Dynojet

This auto tuner is very easy to use. The interface cable for the 3.5 inch display screen plugs directly into the diagnostic connector on your bike. You do not need a computer to make any selections or adjustments.

You can set the auto tuner by selecting the tune mode you desire, then prompts will appear on the display screen, and you follow those prompts to flash the bike or make adjustments to the tune you have chosen.

The display screen is in full color and very easy to read. The screen can be mounted on your handlebars so it is easy to see. It can be mounted with the included 4 hole threaded inserts or you can use accessory mounts that have four mounting options.

You will probably be familiar with the WinPV program that this tuner utilizes. The six on-screen choices you have to select from are, program vehicle, data log, vehicle tools, settings, device info, and dealer info. Once you make a selection the on screen prompts will walk you through everything you need to know or do. This auto tuner is fast, reliable, and easy to operate.

6. Dynojet-Harley Power Vision Fl-Blk J1850 PV-1B

This is a small device measuring only 7.6 inches x 5.3 inches x 2.6 inches and weighing only 1.2 pounds, but it can have a big impact on the performance of your Harley Davidson fuel injected bike.

This easy to operate device is so convenient that it allows you to flash your bike and make any changes that you feel are necessary without ever getting off of the bike.

The touch screen display of this auto tuner does not require a computer to be connected in order to make changes and adjustments. The touch screen is a full color screen that is built into the auto tuner and with the connection of a vehicle interface camera you can use that touch screen to make any adjustments you choose. The auto tune does make suggested adjustments but you have the final say on the tune that happens.

This auto tuner is specifically designed to be used with Harley Davidson motorcycles. It fits the majority of these bikes, even the 2016 models. The bike must be fuel injected for the auto tuner to be able to work with it.

7. Vance and Hines FP3 Fuelpak 66007 Autotuner for Select 2007-13 Harley Davidson Models

You can customize and revolutionize the way you manage the fuel your bike consumes using this device.

The device connects to your sensors on your bike and sends the data to your smartphone using Bluetooth technology. 

You do not need a display screen, and you do not need a computer to read the tuning prompts or to make tuning selections. You have greater control with less equipment.

You can make adjustments to your fuel according to what grade of fuel you are running. If you switch grades then you can easily switch your calibrations and make sure that your bike continues to have the precise air to fuel ration that it needs to run the most efficiently.

The data that is sent in real time to your phone can tell you the speed you are traveling at, the RPMs, the voltage, the temperature of the cylinder heads, the gear selection, and a lot of other important details that will help you to see how your bike is performing, and if there are any adjustments needed to improve your bike performance.

This equipment allows you to have the best running Harley without having to spend a lot of time at mechanic shops, or off of the bike checking sensors and equipment.

How to Choose the Autotuner for Harley Davidson

An auto tuner helps you to keep your Harley Davidson running more efficiently and on the road longer. There are a few things that should be considered when you are buying an auto tuner. Some of these considerations are:

The Harley Model the Tuner is compatible with

Harley Davidson has made a lot of bikes, and each of their models are slightly different. Before you can purchase an auto tuner you must make sure that the tuner is designed to work with the Harley model that you have.

Most auto tuners will have the bike models and years that they are compatible with printed on the packaging.

The State Emission Laws

Unfortunately some state emissions laws will not allow you to use some auto tuners on your bike. Check your state emission laws before you make an auto tuner purchase so you can stay in compliance with the guidelines established in your state and county.

Wired or Wireless?

You have to decide if you would rather have an auto tuner that has a display screen or if you would like the information to be sent through Bluetooth technology to your smart phone. With a display screen you can usually mount the screen on to your handlebars and easily read the screen while you are traveling. The smartphone readings may be harder to access while you are rolling.

Unit Size and Connectivity

The size of the auto tuner may play a part in your decision. You have to look at how the unit connects to the bike, and where the unit will be on the bike to determine if the unit size will be good for your needs.


The final thing that you will consider is what adjustment choices you have in the tuning selections the device has. Most professionals prefer the customized settings where you get to make the decisions on the adjustments rather than just the reset to factory calibrations.

Final Note

An auto tuner is a precision piece of equipment that enhances the fuel management for your motorcycle. An auto tuner can make calculations and adjustments to the fuel your bike is consuming according to what grade of fuel you are using, and according to what you prefer.

Having this equipment could increase the life expectancy of your bike, and it could save you a lot of money on fuel consumption. Choose the style of tuner, and the features of the tuner carefully according to the make and model of bike that you ride.

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