The 8 Best Batteries for Harley Davidson Bikes Review 2023

Replacing your motorcycle battery is an inevitability that no rider looks forward to, but all riders  must face. If you are a Harley rider then you want to make certain that the replacement battery you choose is the best battery for Harley Davidson bikes.

To decide whether a battery is the best for the bike you ride you have to determine the number of things on your bike that will require power from the battery, the size of the battery, and the type of battery.

Our expert Harley enthusiasts looked at a large number of batteries and chose the following as ones they would buy for their own bikes, or recommend to their friends.

Here are three best we recommend from the list

Reviews of Best Battery for Harley Davidson 2023

1. THROTTLEX HDX20L - Best Battery for Harley Davidson Street Glide

This is the perfect battery for your Electra Glide, Road Glide, Road King, Street Guide or Ultra Classic bike if the model year of your bike is between 1997 and 2016. This battery is ready to be installed and specifically designed to fit those makes, models, and years.

This is an AGM battery that is fully charged and ready to power your bike. This battery is sealed so you will not worry about leakage or spills when you are riding.


You will also love the fact that the battery is maintenance free so you never have to concern yourself with adding water, or checking the fluid levels in the battery. To make this battery even better it is manufactured in the United States.

The terminals on this battery are patented solid lead with female threads. The bolts on the battery are stainless steel and new bolts come with this battery.

The apparatus measures 6 5/8 inches long x 5 3/16 inches wide x 6 7/8 inches high. It weighs only 23 pounds, and it is a 400 CCA (cold cranking amps) and 28 AH (amps). It will give you plenty of starting power even in the colder temperatures.

2. HDX20L - Harley Davidson Replacement Motorcycle Battery

This battery has 310 cold cranking amps and will provide 18 amps. It is 6 7/8 inches long x 3 7/16 inches wide x 6 1/8 inches high. These measurements will allow you to make certain that this is the perfect size replacement battery for your Harley. It only weighs 16 pounds so it is light and will not add unneeded weight to your bike.

This is an AGM battery that has a heat sealed cover and is designed to be a non-spillable device. You will not worry about fluids leaking from your battery and causing any damages to you or your bike.


The absorbed glass material batteries require a lot less fluid inside them, and the heat sealed cover makes sure that even the small amount of fluid that is inside the battery will not escape and cause any damages.

The heat sealed cover also tells you that this is a maintenance free device. You do not have to check any fluids or do anything to maintain the battery. You can call it a worry free device.

The battery is fully charged and ready to power your bike when you purchase it. You do not have to wait for the battery to be charged before you can use it. 

3. YTX20L-BS Rechargeable Motorcycle Battery

How can you be sure that you have a genuine Pirate battery? Look for the picture of the pirate on the side of the battery.

Why would you want a genuine Pirate battery? Because they are high quality precision devices that are dependable, and made specifically to power the devices you love to ride. These batteries are perfect on motorcycles, ATV equipment, and other riding sporting equipment.


The dimensions of this battery are 6.1 inches high x 6.89 inches long x 3.43 inches wide. It only weighs 13.88 pounds, and it is completely charged and ready for use.

This battery is designed to be used on sporting equipment so it is sealed, and it has extra vibration resistance built into the design. This vibration resistance will insure you to keep a good connection even when you are riding over rough terrain.

It provides you with 270 cold cranking amps and is a 216 watt device. It is the perfect replacement for:

  • MTX20L-BS
  • ETX20L
  • 20L-BS
  • GTX20L-BS
  • PTX20L-BS
  • UB20L-BS
  • LTX20L-BS

This battery requires no maintenance and no special considerations once you have installed it. It is powerful, dependable, leak proof, and ready to use.

4. Yuasa YUAM320BS YTX20L-BS Battery

This Yuasa battery has everything the majority of bike rider needs. It is a maintenance free device so you do not have to worry about adding fluids, and you especially do not have to worry about any fluids leaking from the battery if the bike is tipped. No battery fluid damages will occur to your bike or to you.

It has 270 cold cranking amps so it is sure to power up your bike in all types of weather conditions. It has 18 amp hours and is a 12 volt device.


This battery is rechargeable. It is recommended for a 1.8 amp charge that lasts for a period of five to ten hours. It has an advanced design that allows it to hold its specific gravity for a longer amount of time than most motorcycle batteries can. You can expect this battery to hold its specific gravity for as much as three times longer than the ordinary bike battery can.

It measures 6.87 inches by 3.43 inches by 6.12 inches. It weighs 14.85 pounds and is specifically designed for cruising and touring bikes.

The battery does come to you dry, and you install the provided gel to activate the device. The instructions for filling are easy to follow.

5. Deka Sports Power ETX-30L

This is a powerful battery with 400 cold cranking amps. It is a 12 volt and provides 26 amp hours from a device that will not leak, will not spill fluids when turned over, will resist losing connectivity due to high vibrations caused by riding over rough terrain, and is completely maintenance free.

This battery comes to you completely charged and ready to install on your bike. It even comes with brass spacers that are made to allow you to do a side mount cable installation on your bike. It also comes with new mounting bolts for your convenience.


This battery weighs 23 pounds and measures 6.6 inches x 6.9 inches x 5.2 inches. Be sure to measure your battery compartment on your bike because the fit of your battery makes a big difference in the performance of the device.

The Deka Sports Power ETX=30L has the latest technology combines with durable materials, dependable service, and reliable performance. It is a precise fit for the Harley Davidson 2004 Ultra Classic, and the 1995 Harley Davidson 1340 Ultra Classic. It fits the 2012 Ultra classic as well. To insure a proper fit make sure you measure your battery compartment as well as the battery that is currently on your bike.

6. Chrome Battery YTX30L-BS - Sealed AGM Motorcycle Battery

This is a versatile power sport battery that is capable of being used on ATV’s, motorcycles, jet skis, snowmobiles, and many more riding toys. It is designed with absorbed glass material technology so the battery acid will not leak from the battery, even if you turn the battery upside down. You can also rest assured that you will never have to add water or any fluids to the battery because it is sealed. These low maintenance batteries are also less likely to have or cause any corrosion at their connections.


This battery is a 12 volt apparatus which has 30 amp hours and 385 cold cranking amps with 360 watts. It measures 6.54 inches in length x 6.89 inches in height x 4.96 inches in width. The polarity is - +, and the device comes to you charged and ready to install on your sporting equipment. The battery weighs only 19.85 pounds and is easily installed on your ready machine.

This battery can be matched to OEM parts numbers:

  • CB30L-B
  • 30L-B
  • C30L-B
  • M22H30
  • YB30L-B
  • TX30L
  • YIX30L
  • CTX30L
  • PIX30L-BS
  • GTX30L-12B
  • M7230L
  • CTX30L
  • ESTX30L
  • SC30LFA
  • MBYTX30L

This battery is specifically designed to be used on scooters, motorcycles, personal watercraft, dirt bikes, ATV machines, and snowmobiles.

7. MX30L - Motorcycle Battery - 600+ CCA

This battery has 600 cold cranking amps so you can be sure that no matter what the weather is like your bike will be powered up and ready to ride. It provides 30 amp hours so you can have all of the electric features like extra lights, radios, and such working without worrying about draining the power from your battery.

This is an absorbed glass material battery. The absorbed glass material holds the battery acid in a gel material so that your battery is not full of a fluid that can leak out of the battery.


These absorbed glass material batteries are safer to use on small crafts like motorcycles, snowmobiles, ATV equipment, and personal watercraft. They are also less likely to cause corrosive build up on connections, or cause damage to your machine or to you if you were to tip the machine over.

This battery measures 6 5/8 inches long x 5 3/16 inches wide x 6 7/8 inches tall. It is imperative that you take accurate measurements of the battery you are currently using and the space provided for the battery on your machine so you can be certain that you are buying the perfect replacement. The battery weighs 22.5 pounds.

8. PowerSource 01-366P Lightning Start 30Ah Battery

600 cold cranking amps packed into a 6.6 inch x 5 inch x 6.9 inch container that only weighs 22.1 pounds. This battery has been specifically designed to provide you with enough power for all of your ATV’s, motorcycles, dirt bikes, snowmobiles, personal watercraft, and some yard equipment.

It is a sealed device that does not require you to do any maintenance to keep the battery alive and healthy. Because of the seal you can also be certain that this battery will not leak battery fluids onto your machine or onto you if the machine were to be turned over, or wrecked.


That reality is made true because the battery is filled with absorbed glass material instead of normal battery fluids. The absorbed glass material conducts electricity better so you can have more power from a smaller device, and it is far safer because it is a gel material and not a liquid.

This battery is charged and ready to fuel your device as soon as you install it. It is an upgrade replacement meant to be used on bikes like the Harley FLHP Road King, the Fire rescue 1340, the 1997 to 2014 1690 Touring bike, and many other bikes.

Who Makes Harley Davidson Batteries

Not all automotive manufacturers build the batteries for Harley Davidson. As you know they are sensitive and not all models are fit to these bikes. 

Here are a few brands that are popular among the Harley users: 

  • Deka
  • PowerSource
  • Chrome Battery
  • Yuasa

Pro Tip: Before choosing the battery for your Harley bike, don't forget to read our buying guide to get the right one. 

Final Note

When you select the replacement battery for your Harley make sure that the battery you are choosing is a perfect fit for your battery compartment. A fraction of an inch too long or too tall can cause the battery to not fit correctly.

You also want to make sure that you get a battery that can provide you with adequate cold cranking amps and power for all of the accessories you might have on your bike.

You want to be able to play your radio, talk on your CB radio, and use all of your after-market lights without worrying that you are going to cause your battery to discharge quickly. Let us know via comment if you need any help to choose best batteries for Harley Davidson motorcycle.

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A Harley-Davidson Motor Company certified Master Technician and avid biker, I love to write about everything and anything related to biking.

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I’m looking for a battery for a 2014 street glide with competition stereo system with 500watt & 400watt,
Sony XAV 7000 head unit, Air Ride Suspension with 100c compressor, & 2 different sets LED saddle bag lights. Pls I’m would like one with at least 500CCA 26AHp
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