Best Oil Cooler for Harley Davidson In 2023 – Top Picked Reviewed

Oil coolers can be very useful for you regardless of how you use your Harley-Davidson regularly. But oil coolers are especially recommended for users who drive their Harley-Davidson for a significant amount of time, or if the user lives in a hot climate.

It’s important to cool down the machine oil because the heated oil can sometimes damage the inner parts of your machine. Besides, if the oil doesn’t heat up, the tank won’t heat up, and you will enjoy a much more comfortable ride.

Choosing the best oil cooler for your Harley-Davidson can be a daunting task especially when you don’t have the necessary knowledge about the features and specifications. We are here to make that task very easy for you. In this article, we have put together reviews of the best oil cooler for Harley-Davidson along with a buying guide that helps you get what you need.

Best Oil Cooler for Harley Davidson Reviews In 2023

1. EVIL ENERGY 10 Row AN10-10AN Oil Cooler Kit Universal Engine Transmission Aluminium Alloy

This is a top-of-the-market product by the trusted brand Evil Energy. Their oil coolers are especially popular among Harley Davidson lovers because of the performance.

You need to install the cooler at a reasonable spot so that there is good airflow through the cooler. 

It should fit well with almost all Harley-Davidson models because of the relatively bigger size of their bikes, so you don’t need to worry much about fittings. You can just follow the installation instruction to install it and enjoy.

This cooler will keep your oil temperature low to prevent any damage to your engine components from the extra heat. This will significantly increase the lifetime of your Harley-Davidson engine. This will perform like a top-notched radiator for your Harley Engine.

All things considering, you will get excellent value for the hundred bucks that you’ll be throwing at it.

2. Jagg Oil Coolers Horizontal Low-Mount 10 Row Fan-Assisted Oil Cooler Kit

Fan-assisted oil coolers also work amazingly to reduce the oil temperature and give your engine better performance and a longer lifetime.

This oil cooler by Jagg is certified for performance and consistent service by our testing and positive feedback from thousands of Harley users. Installing them on your Harley should be no problem at all.

All you need to do is follow the installation instructions. The cooler will significantly reduce the temperature of the engine oil and prevent damage to your components from heated oil.

The fans will start working automatically as soon as your engine temperature reaches 205 degrees F. The cooler is designed to perform just fine at low vehicle speeds as well.

3. Jagg Oil Coolers Vertical 6 Row Oil Cooler

Another product by Jagg because they are a highly trustworthy brand and never disappoint with their aftermarket products. This one is different from the previous one because it’s not a fan-assisted model, it works like a radiator.

Besides, this cooler is specially made for Harley-Davidson motorcycles unlike the first product on our list which is a universal cooler.

 The cooler will not harm rather improve the aesthetics of your Harley because its design is minimalist with black color.

When it comes to performance, or the ability to keep the oil temperature of your engine low, this cooler is top-notched. Your engine components are guaranteed to be safe from heat damage.  A lot of energy is also lost when the oil is heated up, so energy loss will be prevented significantly as well.

4. BLACK Finned Billet Oil V-Cooler for MOST Harley Models WITH DOWNTUBE MOUNTS

This is a chrome billet oil cooler that functions differently from true oil coolers or fan-assisted oil coolers. But this one also gets the job done for you.

Billet Proof Designs also have a reputation because of their top-quality products on the market and among Harley-Davidson users.

The design looks a little odd at first, but it will look just as stylish as the other coolers on our list after you install them on your motorcycle. The installation should be very easy as the cooler comes with clamps that make it easier for you.

The cooler is CNC machined from Billet Aluminum and comes in black color to fit right in on your Harley-Davidson. It features two vertical 1-⅛” tubes that work with the front downtubes coming from the oil tank on your Harley. The value for the price is also among the highest offered by top-quality products as this one. You should keep this one on the top of your list if you plan to get a billet oil cooler.

5. Jagg Horizontal Low-Mount Oil Cooler Kit for Harley

Jagg is a market-leading brand especially when it comes to manufacturing top-notched oil cooler kits. This low-mount oil cooler is designed for Harley-Davidson models.

This product has been tested by experts and certified. That is why Harley-Davidson lovers love this cooler so much. 

If you are looking to get a low-mount air cooler then no other product on the market can beat this one in terms of performance and value for the price. This air cooler kit features a long pipe because it’s low-mount.

The design is minimalist and comes in black color. It won’t interfere with the aesthetic look of your Harley because of that, and also because it’s low-mount and will be closer to your foot than the tank.

The price may look a little bit too high compared to some other products on our list, but you are still getting excellent value for that. If you don’t worry about throwing some extra bucks to get the best there is, you should buy this kit without a second thought.

6. Jagg Fan-Assisted Oil Cooler Kits for Harley-Davidson

You must be thinking why are there so many Jagg products on our list? No, it’s not because we are biased towards Jagg and it’s not a paid promotion either.

We try to be 100% unbiased and try to be as objective as possible with our product reviews. 

The reason behind there being so many Jagg products is simply that their products are of the highest quality.

This product is lower on the list because it’s a little bit on the higher price end, and many users won’t spend so much on their oil cooler. The first thing that will catch everyone’s eyes is the stylish design of the cooler. The fan stands out on its own. But it’s not high-priced simply because it’s fancy-looking. The performance this will give you is top-notched as well.

Your oil temperature will be significantly lowered and the energy loss will be non-existent as well. You are guaranteed to get a much longer life for your Harley engine.

7. Jagg Horizontal Low-Mount Oil Cooler Kit for Harley

The last product on our list is from Jagg as well. When you count the products, you will see that 5 out of 7 products on our list are from Jagg! We are not deliberately trying to make a point that Jagg is the best brand out there for oil coolers, the point is being made objectively.

You just cannot ignore their products due to their top performance, amazing designs, and consistent service.

This low-mount from Jagg does what it’s supposed to do better than most other products on our list. One benefit of a low-mount cooler is that the oil will be cooled down on its way to the cooler because of the long pipe. It will be cooled even more when it passes through the cooler itself.

Your engine components will be completely safe from heat damage and all of your worries will be gone. The cutting-edge technology makes the cooler able to perform the best even in horrible conditions. The design will be perfect for your Harley-Davidson.

Oil Cooler for Harley Davidson Buying Guide

The best decision is an informed decision. This is especially true when you are getting a product that’s highly dependent on technicalities. For example, oil coolers for your Harley-Davidson are different from stuffed animals for your kid. What we are trying to say is that you need to keep some very important factors in your mind when getting the best oil cooler for your Harley-Davidson. Here are those important factors:

Fluid Compatibility

Most Harley-Davidson models use the same oil for the stock engine. But some Harley engines run on different oil than the other ones. So you need to check the cooler specifications to know for sure that the cooler runs on the fluid you are running on.

Of course, if the cooler is specifically designed for Harley-Davidson and your model is included in the compatibility list, then you don’t need to worry about this. Fluid compatibility is also important when you are buying universal transmission coolers or coolers that aren’t specifically designed for Harley-Davidson.


The design always matters to us Harley lovers when we are buying some aftermarket parts for our Harley. But the design doesn’t matter that much when you are going to buy an air cooler, because most of the designs are very similar and have a minimalist look that goes with any design.

If you wanna get something that looks fancy by throwing in a few extra bucks, then feel free to do so. But be careful of getting something too fancy that might not offer you the performance you should get at the price you are paying.

Cooling Performance

This is the most important factor that you need to keep in mind after you have made sure that the cooler works with your fluid type. Cooling performance means how much temperature is reduced by the cooler compared to the stock cooler by Harley. The more the temperature is reduced, the better the performance and the lifetime of your engine. It’s that simple.

You might need a higher reduction in temperature depending on your need. If you are someone who uses their Harley for a long time on the whole day or someone who travels from one city to another regularly, then a higher cooling performance can do wonders for you. Your engine will love to be in a cooler temperature and give you better performance on the road.

Final Note

We have tried to cover all of our bases in trying to give you a buying guide to the best oil cooler for your Harley. We have left out some small features and specifications here and there. It’s because we didn’t think those features are that important to be added.

If you want to know about our top pick from this list of 7 products, it’s the Jagg Fan-Assisted Oil Cooler Kit. This cooler is simply amazing even after being a relatively higher-priced product.

The value you will get is amazing, and the design will instantly catch anyone’s eyes. If your budget allows it, you should walk home with this product without a second thought in your mind. We hope you get the best cooler for your Harley after reading our article.

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