Best Sounding Slip On Mufflers For Harley Touring – Reviews 2023

Any fan of old-school Harley Davidson motorcycles will miss the roaring incredible sound of the exhaust pipe that dominates the road. If you are one of them, you might be looking for slip-on mufflers to get that experience!

Fortunately, a lot of options are available for slip-on mufflers. However, finding the best sounding slip-on mufflers for Harley Touring might not be the easiest tasks as most buyers are unaware of determining the quality of this item. Here, we have gathered some of the best slip-on mufflers that will bring back the old roars of Harley motorcycles that you crave!

Best Sounding Slip On Mufflers For Harley Reviews 2023


Customize the look of your ride with the aluminum billet tipped chrome style tapered slip-on mufflers. Its sleek alluring design offers great value by rendering trailblazing sound for the amount you paid, along with authenticating the performance of the ride for you.

Slip-on mufflers reduce the weight of the ride as the exhaust system occupies a major weight of any two-wheelers load ratio and improves the exhaust's breathability.

They are popular upgrades for replacing the stock muffler of the motorcycle. Easy to install & no tuning mandatory though, for the most performance and smoothest power delivery from the ride, remapping can make it top-notch.

A great option to satisfy the demand of rumbling roar without having to install the jet-kit or fuel controller and is unnecessary to make any other tuning regarding the slip-on. The itch of hearing the roar for once more as well as the look of the triple chromed steel body will steer your heart to wander around with your ride.

2. SHARKROAD Black 4.4" Large-Outlet Megaphone Slip-on Muffler Exhaust For Harley

The 4.4" large outlet megaphone slip-on muffler of Sharkroad delivers premium deep tone sound. Passing the high airflow from the high-performance baffles triggers the engine to produce additional horsepower while promising a dragon-like purr in the ride.

The matte black powder coating will avoid the discolor on extreme heat caused by long rough rides. 

The aggressive sound is unlike anything else on the market at the same price. It not only provides louder sound but also maintains the quality of the sound which is deep & throws the vibe of a better-tuned vehicle with its throaty sound.

 It is much louder than the stock muffler of the ride but is also loud enough that you can still hear your music. Easy installation and no need to discard the carburetor or reprogram the ECM. Comes with essential hardware within the box. A sound machine for the rider with an ear for astute deep, rumbling sound.

3. SHARKROAD “No Baffle Inside” Super Loud Version 4” Chrome Slip-on Mufflers Exhaust Pipe for Harley

Baffles reduce exhaust note that means the backpressure of the exhaust gasses into the engine cylinder is increased which reduces the efficiency and the performance of the engine. You can save the time of removing the baffles by using this muffler with no baffles already.

Triple step structure inside the muffler for faster flow and better performance than the stock baffled slip-on mufflers. It will provide the ride with a freer-flowing exhaust, as a reason your exhaust will become louder and have more airflow or flow air faster than before with a massive 4" outlets with Machined Tip for Outstanding Look.

Easy installation, user guide provided with essential hardware. Sold in pairs and comes with Heat Resistant Black Powder Coating or Triple Plated Chrome Finish.

4. Bagger Brothers BB-EX1001 4” Diameter and 31” Long Slip-On Muffler for Harley

Bagger Brothers 31” Long slip-on mufflers provide a more aggressive sound than stock pipes while keeping its surrounding acceptable. Slip-on mufflers are great in order to improve the looks of the ride as well as the sound it imparts.

It reduces the weight of the vehicle and enhances the horsepower of the ride. Customarily the mufflers can be installed easily using stock mounting brackets sold in pairs, needless of any tuning.

Implying, these mufflers can fit stocks without necessarily bringing any changes to the vehicle. The long slip-on muffler is polished and then chromed with a finishing of end caps made of CNC-machined billet aluminum.

Needless to reject your carburetor or reprogram your ECM in any way. A great deal to satisfy the demand of the rumbling roar that any rider may desire for. It comes with a guide on how to install it along with the promising dynamic sound.

5. SHARKROAD"No Baffle Inside" 4.5" Matte Black Slip-on Mufflers Exhaust Pipe for Harley

Baffles can reduce exhaust notes thus the efficiency and the performance of the engine may fall. Whereas the no baffle slip-on mufflers can notch up the engine's horsepower offering the loud and aggressive sound a rider may always have been wanting to hear from the ride.

It necessarily does not need any kind of tuning to the vehicle for installing the Slip-on Mufflers Exhaust Pipe of Sharkroad.

As it already has no baffles inside the slip-on, it saves quite a time. The triple step structure inside the muffler is for faster airflow and better performance than the stock baffled slip-on mufflers. With massive 4.5" outlets the ride can enjoy a freer-flowing exhaust, as a reason your exhaust will become louder and flow air faster which will add extra horsepower to your mileage. Sold in pairs and can be installed easily.

Machined cut end caps for a better look and heat durable matte black finishing surface. Superfit, no baffle, roaring triple structured slip-on mufflers for better performance.

6. Cobra 4" Neighbor Hater Slip On Mufflers Chrome 6109

Neighbor Hater Mufflers by Cobra are not for the faint of heart. These are an aggressive slip-on muffler, for those who think loud just isn't good enough.

Each muffler starts as a round 3-inch or 4-inch tube, that bells out to 3.5 inches or 4.5-inches, respectively. It presents an aggressive and classic design at the rear. The muffler tip is then rolled to give it a clean, finished look.

Internally, these NH mufflers have a perforated core with strategically spaced holes. This is done in order to produce an aggressive bark. At the end of the baffle is a trumpet-shaped inner tip that works in harmony with the belled end, creating a unique look. The install is easy and straightforward, just make sure you get the clamps completely out of the way when you take off the stock mufflers.

Sounds are deep rumbles, like the sound of distant thunder. Almost loud enough to wake the dead. Paired with a set of Cobra headers (sold separately), you will wake the dead. Comes with all required installation hardware and easy-to-follow instructions

7. Cobra 4" 909 Twins Slip On Mufflers Chrome 6106

The Cora 4” 909 twin slip-on mufflers feature deep distinguishable throaty sound along with the performance that coordinates from the spiral louvered cores.

There is no sign of screws and a smoothly rolled outer tip matching with the scalloped inner tip which presents a sleek stylish look to the slip-on for a mind-blowing price.

The cores provide raspy growling on the rundown as well as a sensational rumble under acceleration. It will decrease the weight load of your ride contrary to the engine's capability of power production due to the faster airflow.

The muffler is made of a 2.25" perforated core that prevents from exhibiting any unsightly external screws. It is a great option in order to satisfy the demand of rumbling roar from the ride without having to install any kind of jet-kit or fuel controller with the vehicle. There are also no visible outer screws, providing a sleek, stylish look, displaying a smooth finishing to the slip-on.


Slip-on mufflers are a great upgrade for your ride to sound better and notching up the horsepower a little bit.

A unique fit to the stock headers, 3" opening on mufflers featuring the DNA high flow muffler slip-on exhausts that presents an elegant look to your vehicle making your ride more stylish with its billet contrast cut end cap, needless of any tuning after installing them.

The slip-on muffler's manufacturer brand DNA Specialty gives away a distinguishable throaty sound machine at a good deal for its riders. It is stylish on another level and reduces the weight of the vehicle. The exhaust's black rendering is resilient to heat.

Deeply aggressive but still vintage quality sound potentiality committed. Easy to install and fits with stock brackets, muffler clamps, and hardware. The baffles are removable to turn up the rumble of the ride at riders' will, so are the tips.

9. Vance & Hines Twin Slash Round Slip Ons Black 46861

Customize your rides' sound quality and performance with the Vance & Hines Round Twin Slash Slip-On Mufflers at a decent value. It gives the ride an amazing custom look with the perk of extra performance along with a growling roar that is intrinsic to the manufacturer company, Vance & Hines itself.

Signature twin slash 3" slip-on mufflers are excellent for an inexpensive upgrade to the vehicle for a glamorous look, sound, and performance.

Full-length coverage of black heat shield in the body for the safeguard of the promising sharp edge look. Header heat shields excluded, optional quiet and competition baffles sold separately.

It is a beyond comparison product to the other rivaling most slip-on mufflers at the same price. The mufflers are loud even with the quiet baffles, sold separately, as compared to stock. The sound is really deep and loud and wakes the motor up.

Due to the added back pressure with the quiet baffles, performance is better without sacrificing any low end. Shortshots Staggered render up the hot rod sound and performance wrapped up to fit and operate on OEM motors.

10. Vance & Hines Eliminator 400 Slip Ons Chrome with Black End Cap 16706

To enhance the look of your vehicle, Vance & Hines Eliminator 400 slip-on mufflers are better and bigger compared to the rest of the mufflers.

It features 4" long chrome body mufflers, finished with race-inspired CNC machined billet end matte black or chrome caps depending on your preference.

Optional quiet baffles are available and for best performance, Vance & Hines head pipes and air cleaners are recommended. The mufflers can fit saddlebags with extended side skirts in their large body.

It is designed to enhance the look of your ride and to satisfy the roaring rumble cravings of your ears. Not only do they give away the custom look to the ride with its varieties of impressive finishing along with CNC billet end caps but they also are inherently tuned to give away the deep aggressive and gravelly sound.

The manufacturer recommends purchasing the Vance & Hines Fuelpak. The true slip-on mufflers for the touring models.

Buying Guide

It’s always best to know every important information about the product you are going to buy. Likewise, there are important things to consider when buying slip-on exhausts for your motorcycles.

Slip-on mufflers are not complete exhaust systems on their own. Slip-on mufflers are added to the existing exhaust pipe to modify the sound and performance. Here are the factors to consider when buying the best slip-on mufflers for your Harley.


The diameter of the muffler is important because it determines the amount of airflow and backpressure in the exhaust. Slip-on exhausts normally vary a lot in terms of diameter.

If you want to improve the airflow in your exhaust and reduce the backpressure, you will choose a muffler with a bigger diameter. Reduced back pressure will also increase the performance of your bike significantly.

Sound Reduction

Adjusting the sound of your exhaust is another important function of the slip-on muffler. This functionality varies depending on the design of the mufflers and the sound produced can be anything from a loud roar to a mellow sound. What you need to choose here depends completely on your choice and preference.

But be careful to pick one that produces a sound too loud that can be disturbing for everyone around you. You might even get arrested for breaking the sound regulation laws in your area.

Go for the kind of muffler that isn’t too loud but the sound is close to what you are looking for in your Harley.


Many bike enthusiasts will throw in hundreds of bucks just to increase the aesthetics of their bikes. If you are one of those people, then the design of the slip-on mufflers should matter to you a lot. But the design of the muffler alone is not sufficient for you to buy it.

The design needs to go with the color and the overall aesthetics of your Harley. Don’t focus too much on the design and style of the muffler though. Because you need to look for other important factors in it too. Sometimes a good-looking muffler will give you terrible performance in other fields.

If you find a muffler that you like, then ask the seller if you can test it out to see how it performs in other fields.


You don’t wanna choose a muffler that’s too fancy but it weighs your bike down and decreases the performance of your bike. Choose a lightweight design that helps you to achieve your performance goals.


We don’t need to tell you much about how you will spend your money. But it’s always best to compare two or more products and see which one offers the best features for the lowest price. You’ll be safe choosing a minimalist design if you don’t want to throw too much money for the design alone.

Final Note

We have tried to cover all the necessary information you need to know to get yourself the perfect slip-on muffler for your Harley. You should be all prepared even if you knew nothing about slip-on exhausts and weren’t familiar with the technical terms. If you want our recommendation from this entire list, it’s the DNA 4" CHROME STYLE.

We love this product simply because of the excellent performance it has shown and the sound reduction is just on point. It also has thousands of positive feedbacks from customers aside from giving excellent value for the price. We hope our guide has been helpful to you and that your Harley will be better than ever before after buying a suitable slip-on muffler. 

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