Best Wheel Bearings For Harley In 2023 Reviews With Buying Guide

Wheel bearings are one of the most essential parts of your Harley wheels. Bearings are there to make sure that your tires can run smoothly and that ensures maximum safety. If a failure in your wheel bearings causes the bearing balls to get jammed while driving, your wheels will get locked up. That is why bearing fails can cause the most fatal accidents.

Now you know that getting the best wheel bearing is not a matter of choice but a priority. There are so many products on the market that it’s easy to get lost while browsing and trying to choose from the never-ending list of products. But you don’t need to worry about which bearings to get for your Harley wheels. We are here to help you. We have put together a complete review and buying guide to the best wheel bearings for Harley.

Best Wheel Bearings For Harley Reviews 2023

1. HTTMT HAD022- Wheel Bearing Reducers 1 inch to 3/4 Inches

Wheel bearing reducers for Harley allow you to switch to the latest Harley wheels on your old bike. New tires mean newer and better performance.

These bearing reducers from HTTMT are the best you can get anywhere on the market, according to our testings and results.

HTTMT HAD022 will reduce the space on your bearing balls which will make the bearings perfect to fit with your latest Harley wheels. The inside diameter of your wheel bearings will be reduced from 1 inch to ¾ inches.

The design is thin-lipped to make sure that you don’t have to run shorter wheel spacers and waste your money. The specialty of this reducer is you don’t need to use any additional lubricants like grease or lube to insert the reducer into your wheel bearings. One less hassle to worry about for you and enjoy your new Harley wheels.

For the strength and performance, you get from this product, it costs very low compared to its competitors. Our opinion is that this product is worth every penny.

2. BossBearing ABS Front Wheel Bearings Kit

This front wheel bearings kit from market-leading brand BossBearing is the best you can get. Your front wheel is more important for braking and steering than your back wheel.

The safety of your life depends on the safety of your wheels. And the BossBearing ABS front wheel bearings kit will do that job for you with perfection.

You can rest assured that you won’t even have to change these bearings after running hundreds of thousands of miles. 

Because these are premium EMQ quality bearings, and their consistent service is guaranteed by thousands of satisfied customers. Some of the high-priced front wheel bearings on the market are reported to have failed at high-speeds.

But we can assure you that there is nothing to worry about when you feel like driving at a little extra speed with these bearings on your wheel. The design is specialized to withstand high speeds, with low-drag and Chevron SR1-2 grease pre-applied. The bearings are also resistant to rust and oxidation.

We are not telling you to take us at our word, but we are sure that you will trust the opinion of thousands of happy customers. Buy these bearings and hit the road with a tension-free mind.

3. All Balls Racing 25-1394 Rear Wheel Bearing Kit

Another market-leading wheel-bearing brand is All Balls. Their products have such a level of consistently great reviews from customers that we have four products from All Balls on your list.

If you’re an enthusiastic biker, you must have been recommended All Balls bearings from someone you know.

This particular rear wheel bearing kit is their best product, we believe. All Balls Racing 25-1934 features a triple lip rubber seal that keeps the grease inside the bearing while keeping it safe from water or dirt. Rust and oxidation resistance is ensured by pre-greased Chevron SRI 2.

You should know as an enthusiastic biker that the Chevron SRI 2 is the best quality grease for bearing balls. It also features double-lip type TC seals and stainless steel garter springs that ensure maximum flexibility.

These bearings are designed to work just as well at high speeds because they are manufactured according to ABEC 3 precision levels.

4. All Balls 25-1692 Rear Wheel Bearing Kit

As you can probably tell from the product title, this is a similar product by All balls to the one we have mentioned above.

All balls 25-1692 is another product with 100% consistently positive reviews from customers. They have also proven to be just as good in our tastings. The manufacturing is done according to ABEC 3 precision levels. 

The highest ABEC precision level is 9, which is kind of overkill for use in normal bikes like the one you probably have. ABEC 3 is the best precision level when it comes to regular bike wheels similar to Harley’s.

The bearings are kept safe from water and dirt by the triple lip rubber seals that also keep the grease in. These are also pre-greased with Chevron SRI 2, to ensure the lowest friction.

All Balls 2-1692 work perfectly in extreme temperatures starting from -29 degrees Celsius to 177 Degrees Celsius.

5. All Balls Wheel Bearing Kit for Harley FL Dyna FX Sportster XL

If you are an enthusiastic biker, you shouldn’t be surprised to see so many All Balls products on our list. As we have already mentioned before, All Balls is the best brand for manufacturing wheel-bearing kits in terms of consistent service and great value for the price. 

This wheel bearing kit is different in design from the previous two by All Balls. It features steel hubs or mag wheels that have special functionality. 

All of the products on our list are compatible with various Harley wheels. This kit also has an excellent precision level of ABEC 3. Water and dirt can’t do any damage to the bearing body or the bearing balls, no matter how long you use them.

The friction will be the lowest at high speeds and the chances of failure are almost zero. Because we haven’t heard a single report of this bearing kit fail at anything it claims to be.  

6. All Balls Racing 25-1691 Front Wheel Bearing Kit

This kit has a lot of updated features and better parts, seals compared to the regular products by All Balls. This is one of the best front wheel bearing kits overall in the market. You’ll know why it is in a minute. 

Featured in this kit are two wheel bearings- a normal one, and an ABS bearing. The ABS bearing can work only with motorcycles that have ABS enabled. The ABS bearing has enhanced fittings and seals.

Then there is the obvious feature- ABEC 3 precision levels. That means the design of these bearings is perfect for racing cars or regular cars at high speed.

The specialty of this product is that it exceeds OEM specifications for fitness and performance. While you get this product at a fraction of the price of its actual value, you also get a 1-year warranty for additional protection.

You will barely if ever get a better deal than this kit when you’re looking for bearing kits.

7. BossBearing Converted 1 in 1 inch Axle Rear Wheel Bearing Kit

The last product on our list is a product by BossBearing, the second on our list. If any wheel-bearing brand comes close to All Balls in terms of consistently great service and customer reviews, it’s BossBearing.

This 1 in 1-inch rear wheel bearing kit is not the most popular product on the market.

However, it has received consistently good reviews from Harley users. Additionally, it performed excellently with our Harley tires as well.

This kit contains 2 bearings that are similar so that you can change one immediately when necessary. It has rubber protection from water and dirt for the grease inside. And the antioxidant element protects the bearing body from rust, making sure it stays in perfect condition after running for thousands of miles.

If you are someone who has good confidence with BossBearing products, or someone who wants to test out a brand other than All Balls, we recommend that you try this product.

Buying Guide for Wheel Bearings

You should always make an informed decision, and this is especially true for buying any kind of product. If you don’t know what you are getting firsthand, then it might lead to a lot of problems.

Some of these problems are- incompatibility, getting damaged, disappointing performance, etc. Our guide is here so that you can make a well-informed decision the next time you buy bearings for your Harley wheel.

We are going to talk briefly about a few factors that you should take into account when buying wheel bearings for your bike.


The sole purpose of bearings is to reduce friction to the lowest amount possible. And the ability of a wheel bearing to do that depends on the kind of material that the bearing is made of.

Some wheel bearings are made from tough but affordable steel alloys. Bearings that contain components or coatings made from bronze, titanium, ceramic, etc. will increase the bearing’s flexibility, durability, and performance. Professionals regard ceramic bearings as the best quality.


We all know how much rating matters to each of us when we are buying a certain product. In the case of wheel bearings for Harley, the rating normally refers to the ABEC rating. The ABEC rating can be any integer value on a scale of 1-9. The higher the ABEC rating, the more precisely the bearing was manufactured.

Number of Balls

The number of balls in the wheel bearings is an important factor to indicate the kind of performance you will get from a wheel bearing. Traditionally, skate bearings have seven balls. Seven balls give a good balance between top speed, acceleration, roll, and durability.

Six ball bearings have larger bearing balls which accounts for generating less friction and rolling longer. Eight ball bearings are commonly found in the market. Eight ball bearings are great for high speed because of their ability to withstand side loads better.

Serviceable vs Sealed

Serviceable bearings are the ones that you can clean and re-lubricate by yourself to use again. On the other hand, sealed bearings can only be used as long as it lasts in its original condition without being damaged. Price-wise, the serviceable bearings tend to a bit on the higher end because of their durability.

Sealed bearings have good things too. Sealed bearings come with a non-removable shield that shields them from harmful dirt and water.

Final Note

We hope that our guide will be of great help to you when you’re thinking of buying a new wheel bearing kit for Harley in 2021. You can just check out all the products on our list and choose which one suits you best.

We are going to end this article by choosing our favorite product among them all. Remember that all of these products can perform pretty much on the same level as each other.

The product that we strongly recommend is the All Balls Racing 25-1394 Rear Wheel Bearing Kit. If this product is compatible with your Harley wheel then this should be on the top of your list of choices.

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