Best True Dual Exhaust For Harley In 2023 – Top Picks Reviewed

As the new year is here, you might be feeling like getting something new for your bike, like a stylish dual exhaust system. Or it can be something that you have been looking to get for a long time. But replacing an exhaust system is not an easy task. Because you have to do a lot of digging so that you can choose the best dual exhaust for your Harley in 2021.

First of all, you have to be well informed about what you are getting. This means you have to know the technical details of the dual exhaust system and what to consider when you are buying one. To make this task simple and easy for you, in this article, we have put together a list of the best dual exhaust systems in the market and a brief buying guide.

Best True Dual Exhaust For Harley Reviews 2023

1. Vance & Hines Power Duals Exhaust Chrome for 2009-16 Touring Models

Every Harley enthusiast has heard the name of Vance & Hines once. Their products are certified for amazing performance and also have consistently great customer feedback. This dual exhaust system is one of their best products and also one of the best dual exhausts in the market.

If you are a Harley fan who wants to enjoy more horsepower and torque, then you will love to have these power duals on your bike.

The power duals will reduce the heat that’s generated on the left side of your bike in stock performance. This will give better safety for your passengers and lessen the risk of your engine components getting damaged by the generated heat.

The full-coverage heat shields will significantly reduce the exhaust temperature. You can use these power duals at their best performance if you pair these with a slip-on muffler from the same manufacturer.

2. Cobra True Dual Head Pipes 6251

As Harley Davidson enthusiasts, we know that you are looking for something that offers performance, sound, style, and durability all-in-one package. You want the best for your Harley.

That is why you should take this amazing true dual from Cobra in your consideration. This dual exhaust system has an excellent design that will add a lot to the overall aesthetics and style of your Harley.

It features ¾ inch pipes that will significantly increase the exhaust flow than your stock exhaust system. If you want optimum torque and power, then this is what you need.

The exhaust temperature will be much lower than the stock one, because of the dual system and better heat management. Your passenger and the engine components will be safer. These stylish dual head pipes from Cobra will fit your Harley perfectly and add more in performance and aesthetics.

3. Vance & Hines 16799 Chrome Dresser Duals Head Pipes for Harley-Davidson Touring 1995-08

As we have mentioned before, and you probably know as well, Vince and Hines produces the top quality OEM parts especially when it comes to Harley Davidson models. 

That is why we trust their products for performance and consistent service.

The Vance and Hines 16799 Chrome Dresser Dual will ensure increased performance, better sound, style, and the best quality for your Harley. The heat shield that comes with these pipes will generate significantly more horsepower and torque than your stock exhaust. We know that Harley-Davidson lovers like to enjoy all the horsepower they can get.

The exhaust temperature will be seriously decreased. The passenger will feel safer, and the heat damage to your engine components will be non-existent. Our advice to you is that you can get the Vance & Hines 167999 without a second thought in mind.

4. Bassani Xhaust True-Dual Crossover Headpipes (Chrome) for 06-16 Harley FLHX2

This is a true dual head pipe from Bassani Exhaust that will never go out of fashion. We are bound to keep their best product on our list because of its excellent design, performance, and value.

The equal-length head pipes are there to maximize the performance of your Harley. The chrome-finished dual head pipes are built with a 16-gauge highly polished steel construction. 

The rear cylinder pipe goes to the right and the front cylinder pipe goes to the left side. You will get to enjoy every bit of the extra horsepower and torque you are getting out of it.

The long drives will never be more fun with the pleasant sound of the exhaust and the increased performance. The Bassani Exhaust True-Dual Headpipes is a “bang for the buck” kind of product. If you like the design then you should go for this one.

5. Vance & Hines Power Duals Exhaust Black 46871

This is another unique and top-quality product from Vance & Hines. What makes these power duals unique is their design and color. These also top the list when it comes to providing extra horsepower and torque.

This kind of product is the reason behind the widespread popularity of Vince & Hines among Harly-Davidson lovers. The contoured heat shields give these power duals a unique look that’s hard to find on the market.

You will get some turned heads while cruising on your Harley. The enhanced performance will also be instantly noticeable to anyone. The exhaust temperature will be reduced up to 250oF, making your passengers and engine components completely safe.

The trike model users will enjoy the trike adaptor kit included with the Power Duals. The special feature is dual bung oxygen sensor ports of 12mm and 188 mm. The value you get for the price you pay for this product needs no description. This should be one of your top choices like thousands of other Harley lovers.

6. Cobra True Dual Head Pipes 6250

This is a similar product to the one we have listed earlier by Cobra. Cobra is another market-leading brand like Vance & Hines. It’s also very trusted and popular among Harley-Davidson lovers.

You are guaranteed to get the best value possible for every buck you spend if you get this product.

The 2.5-inch diameter heat shields are one of the largest you can get on the market and they do an excellent job by keeping your exhaust temperature very low. The entire pipe is covered with heat shields that add more to the aesthetics of the head pipes.

You will be enjoying a lot more horsepower and torque in your most desired long drive after installing the new head pipes. Stop scratching your head in confusion, go to a shop, and test these out on your Harley. We promise that you will be instantly impressed by the results.

7. Vance & Hines 16923 Fishtail Exhaust Tips True Duals For Harley

These extremely lightweight Trie Duals are special from Vance & Hines. This product is certified for performance by our testing.

The first thing to notice about these True Duals is their design. If you install them on your Harley, your bike will look like those amazing bikes from dystopian movies.

We have a feeling the designers were thinking of those bikes when designing these amazing True Duals. If you are looking for a significant performance upgrade as well as a top-notched design, then this is your perfect product.

The performance upgrade will be facilitated by the significant increase in horsepower and torque compared to the stock exhausts. The passengers won’t need to worry about getting hurt from the heat anymore, they will enjoy the ride as much as you do. The low heat will make no impact on your engine components either.

8. Cobra 631035 True Dual Head Pipe (H-D FLH,FLT '95-'06)

Another top-notched product from Cobra that offers performance, sound, style, and durability all-in-one package. This is the best that you can get for your Harley.

The Cobra 631035 true dual head pipe has an excellent design that will add a lot to the overall aesthetics and style of your Harley. The pipes will significantly increase the exhaust flow compared to your stock exhaust system.

If you want maximum torque and power, then this is what you need. The exhaust temperature will be much lower than the stock one, because of the dual system and better heat shields. Your passengers will enjoy the ride without worrying about their legs constantly.

These stylish dual head pipes from Cobra will fit your Harley perfectly and add more in performance and aesthetics. As you can probably tell from the features and benefits, the Cobra 631035 is another “bang for the buck” product.

9. Vance and Hines Dresser Duals Headers For Harley Davidson Touring 2017 Chrome 17651

Yes, we know what you are thinking. Another Vance and Hines product? Yes. What can we do except for accepting the fact that their products are just awesome?

These Dresser Duals have a minimalist design but are also unique in their look. The designers at Vance and Hines know what they are doing. Even with such a minimalist design, the aesthetics of your Harley-Davidson will simply flourish.

It’s compatible with all the Harley-Davidson touring models from 1995 to the present. The full-coverage heat shields do an excellent job of maintaining the exhaust heat and keeping everything safe and cool. Your engine components will feel much safer.

The special feature is Dual Bung Oxygen Sensor Ports of 18mm and 12mm. We hope that you don’t get confused between our listings. You can choose any of them you want to because you are well assured of the performance you’ll be getting.

10. Cobra Hd Exhaust True Duals W/fishtail Tips for 86-06 Harley Softails

The choice between Vance & Hines and Cobra mostly comes down to the design preference of the buyer. By now, you probably have noticed a common pattern among designs by both of the top manufacturers.

Like the brand name itself, the Cobra designs seem to be a bit on the edgy side while the Vance & Hines designs are more about the classic minimalist look.

Some will even consider the Cobra designs as old-school even if they give your bike an edgy look. The rear head pipe is unflattened to allow increased flow by clearing the coil bracket.

It features a replacement coil mounting bracket that increases the clearance for the tightly curved rear header on '07 and newer Fishtails. The heat shields are 2 ½ inches in diameter, one of the largest in the market. The fishtail-style tip extends further by 6 inches than the normal billet tip.

Buying Guide For True Dual Exhaust for Harley

In this buying guide, we are going to give you a simple overview of the important factors that you need to keep in mind when buying a true dual exhaust for your stylish Harley.

True dual exhausts are designed to ensure better performance, design, and durability than the stock exhausts that come with Harley-Davidson motorcycles. Here are the factors that you need to keep in mind for choosing the best true dual exhaust for your Harley.

The Diameter of the Inner Exhaust

The exhaust pipes control the exhaust flow. The exhaust flow is much more than just toxic air produced by your motorcycle by burning fuel. The exhaust flow has a great impact on the horsepower and torque of your bike. If the exhaust flow is less, then you will get less horsepower and vice versa.

So how to make sure that the exhaust flow is increased but not decreased? You need to increase the diameter of your exhaust pipes. True dual exhaust does not only have larger diameters than the stock exhausts, they also do twice the work as the stock exhaust pipes do.

If you want a big bump in the performance of your bike, then you need to get an exhaust system that offers exhaust pipes with larger diameters.


Humans have always been fond of beautiful things since the time they became human. So we don’t need you to tell us what kind of design you should choose. The different kinds of designs that people choose vary a lot depending on their subjective taste.

But in the case of dual exhaust pipes, the design can have a relation to the performance that you get as well. Be careful not to choose a pipe that looks great but doesn’t offer you a noticeable change in performance.

The Build

By the build of the dual exhaust system, we are talking about the special body features that some or all exhaust systems offer. Some exhaust pipes are covered with Heat Shields entirely. You want to get a build that offers maximum durability along with a decent design and good performance.

Wrapping Up

You must be tired by reading through this entire article and all the technical details. No matter what you do, you can’t put off learning about the technical details.

If you are still in confusion after reading all this, then you should get the product that’s our top pick today. It’s the Vance and Hines Power Duals Exhaust Chrome for 2009-16 Harley touring models.

We hope your rides will be ever more awesome no matter which dual exhaust system you decide to go for.

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