What is a CycleShelter Motorcycle Shelter Anyway?

Well... It might sound a little obvious to say that a CycleShelter is a portable motorcycle shelter. BUT... This isn't just any ol' tarp that you'll toss over your gorgeous Harley! No no... This is a pretty nifty little "tent" that was specially designed with practicality in mind.

Some of my readers know me as the "Resume Gal" and "Career Gal" where I help people with their job searches, but I ALSO used to own and operate a nice little Portable Garages and Shelters website where I sold ... uh... portable garages and shelters. Among them being the CycleShelter (brand name) motorcycle shelter!

So, let's continue on, and I'll introduce you to this cool item!

CycleShelter Motorcycle Shelter Measurements

So, will this motorcycle shelter fit my bike? I do get quite a few phone calls from customers asking if the CycleShelter motorcycle shelter will fit their bike. And, my answer is almost always: "Probably - but you really need to measure it first."

Truly, I do not know the specifications of motorcycles. In my mind, they go:

=> "Small" (like the Honda 250 that I learned how to ride on when I took the State of NH Motorcycle Rider Safety Course).

=> "Medium" (which to me is like the size of a bike that is bigger than a breadbox but smaller than a car - but one I might be able to ride someday), and then

=> "Large" (which is any bike that appears in my eyes to be the size of a bulldozer - you know, the kind I need a ladder to mount).

So, that said, here are the dimensions of the CycleShelter (and we're talking about the SINGLE motorcycle shelter here):

=> Overall width (some folks tell me that the widest part of their bike goes from mirror to mirror - so, if your mirrors don't fit into this equation, it may not be big enough): 44 inches wide (that's 3.6 feet)

=> Overall length: 128 inches long (that's 10.6 feet)

=> Overall height (at the highest point of the shelter): 76 inches high (that's just over 6 feet).

A Motorcycle Shelter Fit For a Harley Road King

My account manager (the ever-awesome David at the MDM warehouse in Milford, CT) says that a couple of the guys at the warehouse have Harleys that fit into the CycleShelter motorcycle shelter.

Dave has seen a fully dressed Road King in one (with side bags and windshield) - and I think that this one falls under my personal definition of "large."

One of the guys also has a short chopper that fits just fine in the shelter.

I have also had one customer who measured the width of his mirrors, and they were just a bit too wide and would have pushed against the material. Fortunately, he did this BEFORE he ordered - so, please take heed: Measure your bike before you order!

Now, A Little About The DOUBLE CycleShelter

This Motorcycle Shelter Fits Trikes and 2 Bikes. This particular motorcycle shelter - we call it the Double CycleShelter is a bit larger than the single version. This one shares the same basic dimensions of the single, with the exception of the width.

The Double CycleShelter is approximately 7-feet 6-inches wide - so, it should fit just about any Trike.

What if you have 2 bikes? I think that a good way to determine if you can comfortably fit both bikes in the shelter is to set them up, side by side how you would normally place them, and then measure. Again, remember to measure from the WIDEST point of the bike - like my customer wisely did when he noticed that his mirrors might stick out further than originally thought.

One thing to keep in mind about the DOUBLE CycleShelter is that it is a bit heavier than the single - about 60 pounds when shipped. So, this is NOT one you can just pack up and carry on the back of the bike.

This DOES come with a carry bag - just like the Single CycleShelter - but in this case, if you are touring, you would probably have to stow it in a trailer if you are pulling one along.

A lot of folks use this one for keeping dust and dirt off their bikes while wintering them over in the garage. It seems to be a little bit more cumbersome than the single Cycle Shelter.

A Bit About the CycleShelter Motorcycle Shelter Components & ASSEMBLY Instructions

Features and Specifications & How To Put It Together. Ok folks... Hot off the CycleShelter motorcycle shelter's product specification sheet - here are some of the things you need to know about this thing:

=> The outside color is a silvery-gray, with navy blue interior.

=> The shelter is vented (you'll see the vents toward the top of the "dome"), which protects against condensation.

=> The frame is made of a tubular metal base with fiberglass edge poles - these are all labeled and coded.

=> The material is a polyethylene material (which is rip-stop, water/oil/mildew resistant).

=> The shelter comes with a storage bag, and the single shelter can be transported on the back of your bike.

I was able to put the 1-page Assembly Instructions online for you to look at if you think it might be helpful to get a "heads up" before you decide to get one. I am a very visual person, so seeing things ahead of time has tended to help me. It's a lot like putting up a tent - once you've done it once, you'll be all set!

A Little Bit Larger Motorcycle Shelter

And a little more sturdy than the fold-up CycleShelter.

The CycleShelters (that we just discussed) are NOT meant for long-term outdoor use.

They will not hold up long in extreme weather - they're just not designed for that (again, the poles are a lot like tent poles, and the fabric is also quite light).

So, if you need something that you can leave up in your yard, I usually tell people to consider the 5 (wide) x 10 (long) x 8 (high) portable garage unit we call the Cycle Cabana. Because it's a little larger, you're not limited to using it for just your bike...

People use them for their ATVs, lawn furniture, lawn tools... etc. So, it is a little more versatile if you want something a little more substantial.

Alston Seymour

A Harley-Davidson Motor Company certified Master Technician and avid biker, I love to write about everything and anything related to biking.

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