Best LED Lights for Motorcycles Reviews In 2023

LED lights are bright and they can make your motorcycle unique, as well as making it safer to ride. The right combination of LED lights can make your bike visible to other drivers on the road.

Our experts looked at a large number of LED light possibilities to see which lights would be best used on motorcycles. The results of their exhaustive studies provided them with the following LED alternatives for use on motorcycles.

The reviews are not listed in any particular order. They are all reviews for LED lights that our panel of experts found to be useful, beneficial, and simply aesthetically pleasing.

Best LED Light for Motorcycle Reviews 2023

1. Aura Motorcycle LED Light Kit

If you want to customize your bike and create a visual lighting display then this is the perfect LED light kit for you. The kit is made up of strips of LED lights that can provide several effects.

The lights can flash, they can fade, and the can dim. You get the choice of 16 stunning effects from the lights and you control those effects via a remote control that you mount on your handlebars.

The LED light display emitted by these strips will allow your bike to be visible to other motorists, even when it is foggy outside. 

The LED lights are bright and the softer colors penetrate dense fog and rain better than the white lights of a headlamp. This kit includes 10 strips so you can customize your bike by lighting the fairing, the fender, the wheels, the tail, the engine, or any combination of these bike parts.

You choose where to place the lights, and you choose the display they make when they are lit. Your bike will look like no other bike because you choose all of the distinctive features that these lights can produce. The light strips are waterproof and they are so thin that it is hard to see them in the daylight.

2. SUNPIE Motorcycle 7" LED Headlight for Harley

When visibility is a primary concern then having the right headlamp and fog light assembly is a priority. This 7 inch headlamp assembly has LED technology so it shines brighter and shines farther in front of your bike than most standard headlamps do.

The fog lights have the proper yellow hue to make them penetrate the fog and allow you to see and be seen when you are on the road. These lights are approved by the department of transportation as being both safe and legal to install on your bike. 

There is one 7 inch headlight in the package and 2 4.5” fog lights. The headlight provides both the high beam and low beam lights. The high beam light has a 2000 lumen rating and the low beam has a 1500 lumen rating. They have a waterproof rating of I65 and they are completely maintenance free.

The light assembly has plug and play technology designed into it so it is very easy to install these lights and start using them. The canbus and the H4/H13 adapter are built in so there are no extra items to buy to make the lights function.

3. DITRIO Motorcycle LED Light Kit Strips for Harley Davidson

This motorcycle LED light kit will allow you to create a custom look for your bike. You can place the amazingly thin strips of LED lights anywhere on your bike to create a visually stunning item.

The lights are bright and they glow in vibrant colors that are going to add an ambiance to your bike.

They are also going to make your bike easier to see and safer to ride. Other motorists will be able to see your bike at greater distances so there is less chance of collisions.

The lights are capable of penetrating even the densest fog and the deepest night. You can ride on highways that do not have streetlights with less fear, and with assurance that people can see you.

There are 12 of the thin strips that have the LED lights on them. These strips are narrow and they have a low profile so they do not interfere with any function of the bike, and they are not easy to see in the daytime.

You control the lights using a remote control that you attach to your handlebars. The lights do not always have to be on, and you can even change the patterns in which the lights work at. They can fade from one color to another, they can grow dim and then bright, or they can flash or seem to chase each other.

4. AMBOTHER Motorcycle LED Light Kit DC 12-volts

This package of LED strip lights includes two strips that are 3.9 inches long and have 6 lights on each strip, four strips that are 7.88 inches long and have 12 LED lights on the strips, and two strips that are 11.82 inches long and have 18 LED lights on each strip.

You can cut the strips to customize where you put them, and the configuration of the lights on your bike. The wireless remote control allows you to change the cycle modes that control the color of the lights, the 3 flashing modes available, and the fading mode that allows the lights to change colors while in operation.

These functions are controlled by 4 different buttons on the remote. The strips are waterproof so rain and inclement weather will not affect their functionality. The lights can be used in rainy weather or when the fog is thick so other motorist will have a higher visibility of your bike presence.

The back of the strips have a peel off backing that is covering a highly sticky adhesive that will easily adhere to your bike parts. This pre-installed adhesive makes it very easy to install the lighting strips on your bike.

5. Motorcycle 7" LED Headlight for Harley Davidson Road King

This is a 7 inch headlight that is completely approved by the department of transportation for use on motorcycles. The headlight fits Touring bikes constructed between 1994 and 2020, as well as FLD bikes that were built after 2012.

The high beam lumens on the headlamp are 2000. The low beam lumens are 1500. They are 10 watt bulbs and they have an operating voltage of 10 to 30 volts.

They have a color temperature of between 6000 kelvins and 6500 kelvins. With this color temperature the light produced by the LED lights will be white, and comparable to the light you receive around noon each day. With the bright white light you will be able to see farther and avoid dangerous situations on the roadway.

These LED lights will last longer than most traditional lights. You can expect to get as many as 50,000 operational hours of light from these. That is the equivalent of about 6 years’ worth of light from one purchase.

The fog lights measure 4.5” and they provide you with visible light even in dense fog situations or during heavy rain. The glow from the fog lights will be visible to other drivers, and the light will penetrate the fog to allow you to see what is ahead of you.

6. Multi-Color Led Light Kits Wireless IR/RF Remote Controller for Motorcycle

This LED light kit comes complete with a wireless remote to allow you to control the light color distribution as well as the patterns the lights create.  These lights can fade from one color to another, and they can flash and blink in patterns, and do many more amazing movements. 

You create the color combination and blinking patterns according to the unique look you are trying to establish. There are twelve strips of LED lights so you can place them anywhere you want on your bike to create a visual masterpiece of light and color.

These lights do make the motorcycles look prettier, but they also make the motorcycles more visible. The bright lights make a motorcycle easy to see at night so they reduce the chances that you will be in an accident. The lights also increase visibility during foggy conditions or inclement weather.

There is an automatic brake light function on the lights that causes all of the lights to glow red when you apply the brakes. This ensures you that when you stop at night the people who are driving behind you or beside you will see you stopping.

7. SEALIGHT H4/9003 LED Motorcycle Headlight Bulb

The best protection that you have when riding a motorcycle is having a headlight that will illuminate the darkness and elucidate any obstacles that might be in your path. This headlight is the perfect headlight because it produces bright light according to LED technology, and it produces a clear white light due to a high color temperature.

The light has a color temperature of 6000 kelvins so the light it emits is clear white, and the lighting effect is close to what you would see during the day at noon.

The light has a water proof rating of I67 so you can drive in the rain and inclement weather with no concerns for your light.

The light produced is bright, but they do not blind oncoming traffic like traditional halogen light bulbs did. Your light chips are arranged in the position that you would expect a halogen filament to be in, but the light does not create shadows or dark spots like the old filament lights could.

The fan that keeps the lights cooled and makes them last longer is quiet. You can expect more than 30,000 operational hours of light from this easy to install headlamp.

8. SUPAREE 7 inches LED Motorcycle Headlight

This is an incredibly bright headlight that is specifically designed to fit the Harley Davidson Touring bikes built between 1994 and 2017. The light is also compatible with the FLD built in 2012 – 2020.

The headlight is legal and certified to be appropriate for use on motorcycles by the department of transportation. The light is also certified by SAE and has an E mark rating. The high beams of this light have a lumen rating of 3600 and the low beams have a lumen rating of 1800. 

There are angel eyes of white for DRL, and the left and right turn signal will be displayed using amber colored angel eyes on the appropriate side.

This light ensemble can be installed in less than 20 minutes. It has a built in canbus, and uses plug and play technology to create an easy to change item.

The lighting created by this headlamp will create a better field of vision for you but it will not cause a blinding glare that creates hardship on other drivers. That means that you and other motorist will be safer and be able to see more.

The box contains the 7 inch headlamp and the H4 to H13 adapter you need for installation.

9. Motorcycle LED Auxiliary Lights Spot Driving Fog Light DRL

These auxiliary lights can be used to light the portions of the road that your traditional headlights do not. They come with stainless steel mounting brackets that will not rust or corrode. They are light and they are corrosion free in their aluminum die cast housings.

The auxiliary lights are super simple to install and you will not need to make modifications to get them on your bike. They come with an easy to follow instruction manual and video that will take you through each installation step.

They are perfectly designed to fit both 7/8” and 1” diameter bars. They work well with and on a wide variety of motorcycles and ATV equipment.

The power wires for the lights connect to your vehicle lights so when you turn on your headlights you will power on these lights as well. There is not a separate switch to remember to turn off when you are through riding so you do not take a chance of running down your battery.

The lights will help you to see during inclement weather because of the angle they disburse the light at. You will be safer when driving in fog and rain, and you will be able to see the sides of the roadway more clearly and see possible dangers in advance.

How to Buy LED Lights for Motorcycles

When you are ready to buy LED lights for your motorcycle consider the following things.

Light Functionality

When you buy your LED lights do you want lights to replace your headlamp bulb with, lamps for fog lights, or do you want light strips that will enhance the appearance of your motorcycle. You have to decide how the lights you are going to purchase will function on the bike before you begin to shop.

Strip Lights

If you are choosing to buy strip lights you want to make sure that the strips of LED lights are going to be easy to install, and will fit on your motorcycle where you want them to fit.

Buy strip lights that

  • Have adhesive already in place on the back of the strip
  • Can be cut to fit where you want them
  • Are easy to bend and manipulate
  • Are water resistant or waterproof
  • Are remote control operated
  • Are on a narrow strip so they are less visible in the daylight

LED headlights

If you want LED headlights on your motorcycle you must first make sure that it is legal in the state you live in to operate LED lights on a motorcycle. After you determine if the state allows the lights you must then consider if the lights are certified by agencies like the department of transportation, SAE, and others.

LED headlights should have life expectancies of 30,000 to 50,000 operational hours, so expect to pay more for the lights, because they last longer than standard lights.

Color Temperatures

On LED headlights the package should tell you the color temperature of the light. The color temperature tells you whether the light the bulb emits will appear yellow, blue, or clear white. A color temperature in the range of 6000 kelvins to 6500 kelvins will provide you with a clear white light that is perfect for illuminating the dark street n front of you.

If you plan to do only city driving where there are plenty of street lights along the road you may not need or want to have a color temperature as high as 6000. You also may not want fog lights for city driving.

Fog Lights

Fog lights usually emit a yellow light because the yellow light can penetrate the fog. This will allow you to see what is on the road before you and allow other people to see you. Fog lights are not required, but they are truly handy tools that can help save your life.

Final note

LED lighting for motorcycles can be headlights, fog lights, auxiliary lights, or strip lights for decorative usage. When you are shopping for LED lights decide what you want the light to do before you start to shop for the lights. This will save you from looking at lights that do not do what you desire.

It is imperative that you remember that LED lights are brighter and they last longer than traditional halogen lights with filaments. With this in mind you will not be as astonished by the higher prices of the LED variety of lights.

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