Best Motorcycle Rain Gear Reviews 2023

I love the open road and rolling down the highway without a care in the world. The solitude of me and the open road at any speed I want to go.

I am a big supporter of being prepared for any problems with conditions and climate changes while driving my motorcycle down the road.

This article is helping you to make decisions about what to wear when driving your motorcycle in the rain.

Though there are many choices available to you. I am going to show what I believe is the best motorcycle rain gear available. 

Best Motorcycle Rain Gear Reviews 2023

1. The Viking Two Piece Cycle Motorcycle Rain Gear

What makes this one of the most popular motorcycle rain gear is what it has to offer. Features like being waterproof and a comfortable fit is just the beginning.

This gear is completely waterproof as it can keep you and anything you want safe and dry.and your ride will be comfortable too. Just keep the gear with you, and when it rains, put it on, and will do the job right to keep you dry and safe.

Another reason to wear this awesome gear is the comfort it gives you when wearing it on the open road. 

Some motorcycle gear will restrict you and make you feel restrained and uncomfortable.not this gear. It hugs your body, and you don't know its there. No flapping in the wind and being bulky. It is lightweight and comfortable.

Another awesome reason to use this is the reflective material that is used to let others see you in the dark. Nothing is worse for the rider than a car coming upon them fast, not knowing if that driver sees them. They can feel secure in knowing that everyone behind and beside them will know they are there in any weather condition.

2. Frogg Toggs All Sport Rain Suit

This is a two-piece rain gear outfit that you can wear as well. I love this for several reasons. One is that it is waterproof .it is important to keep anything you have that is valuable and can get wet in the rain safe and dry.

So choosing this gear just for staying dry is a good decision and a really positive investment in your motorcycle gear.

There is no way a suit like this can offer so much to aid in the safety and security of the cyclists, but it truly does.

Another reason to pick this gear for yourself is the jacket, which an awesome feature in itself. Combined with the pants, you will have plenty of coverage to keep you dry. using both of these together gives you double protection in any weather.and the colors are awesome from the basic black to multiple jackets covers the choices seem to be endless

And probably the reason I like this gear so much is that the sizes available range from a smaller person size to the hefty and big individual.

3. Nelson-Rigg Stormrider Rain Suit

Now, this gear is a popular motorcycle gear as well. It has many features that truly make it stand out. What I like about it is the choices available.

It comes in several different colors like orange and a reflective yellow for those on the roadway to see you at night.

The gear is a two-piece outfit that has a jacket with outside pockets. The days of stuffing stuff in your pockets through the waistband of your outerwear are over.

It also has a feature I love as well. The pants have an elastic waistband with a boot cuff at the bottom of the pant legs. This is designed to keep the bottom of your pant legs from riding up due to wind shear, and it keeps your legs from getting wet as well, which is incredible if you don't like to get your feet wet.

This also has that coveted warranty that we love so well. If there is any damage or items are not as described, just get ahold of them with your warranty in hand, and they will be able to help you quickly. They have one of the best customer services you will find anywhere.

4. Tourmaster Defender 2.0 Two-Piece Rain Suit

This awesome gear comes in four awesome available colors. And the style and wear are has plenty of features you will discover that will meet your approval when you first put it on.

It comes with both the jacket and bottoms. The bottoms are equipped with suspenders that allow support to your pants to keep them up when active, and it provides comfort and stability when sitting on your bike. 

They also stay put as not to fall below your waistline, preventing an embarrassing moment.

The jacket is waterproof as well. It will not allow the wind and rain to soak through. And the fact you stay dry during a rainy and wet ride makes all the joys of riding a motorcycle worth it.

The jacket also has an awesome feature as well when you first look at it you will see the easy to get to pockets on it. This allows you to be able to store what you can fit into the pocket easily and quickly as not to take to much time with your hands off the wheel. It seems to be a no brainer. To the most novice of all riders and to the most experienced cyclist.

5. Nelson Rigg Aston Motorcycle Rain Suit

This is a superior riding gear for the motorcyclist. Not a lot of manufacturers have the features in their equipment like this one.

What I love about this one is that it has a hood that is made to comfort your head.and feel like you aren't wearing a hood at all.

It is light and comfortable to wear on your head, and it keeps the wind off your ears with the corduroy fabric that lines the hood. It also has reflective attributes that every rider needs to allow others on the road to see them even at night. 

Keeping them safe from being struck by a driver who can see them, rather than not seeing someone who is not wearing any protective gear at all. And like the one listed above, it has adjustable suspenders. That you can adjust for comfort and stability. The suspenders hold tight, ensuring your comfort and not loosing up as to which you would have to change every time you got off your bike.

And the last feature I really love about this product is it allows for no slippage when you are riding. The pants have a panel that is made from a protected material designed to give you grip and keep you falling or slipping from the seat.

6. Joe Rocket RS-2 Motorcycle Rain Suit

Now, this riding gear is really awesome as it is waterproof but not just waterproof to a degree. It is made up of some of the finest and high-quality polyester with the backing made of PVC.

And the jacket is a full zip down the middle with a flap that is made out of velcro. How awesome is that? And as you look at the jacket, you will see that it has big pockets on each side.

You can put your cellphone and or pager in the pockets with no difficulties .that's a biker dream, no one will have to take his hands off the bars long to put something they value in those pockets.

And who hates to sweat.the jacket also comes with a unique feature for those who have extreme body temperatures. It has a vent on the back to help the rider expel the heat inside the jacket to keep him or her comfortable.

Now the pants are really awesome. The pants have a flexible waistband that forms to the comfort of your waistline. It allows for comfort in the saddle while sitting there for extended amounts of time. And the bottoms of the legs have that much-desired cuff that goes under the boots to keep wind shear from lifting up the edges while keeping your shoes and feet dry when it rains.

7. Frogg Toggs Women's All Purpose Rain Suit

This is one that even the lady bikers can appreciate. This riding gear is also waterproof as well. But it has some excellent features that the ladies will love. The hood is adjustable, and it tucks away with the pull of the chord that really makes it easy to take off your head and store it where it won't get in your way.

The pants for this collection will really give the ladies real comfort. Because it has a waistline that elastic, and it easily adjusts. Comfortably to the waistline as well as the bottoms of each leg have elastic on the bottom of the legs that hug the lady's leg and give them that protection from the wind and rain coming up the leg.

The pants here with this riding gear also have the straight leg design, which allows for the ladies who love to ride to be comfortable. you will not feel like you are restricted in a movement when hoping on that motorcycle and taking off

Is there any downside to this gear? The answer is no.the ladies will love the fabric and the feel of it when they put it on and get ready to roll.

8. Scoyco RC01 Motorcycle Racing Jacket And Pants Set

If you love riding fast and looking good, .you will really fall in love with this riding gear.

It is waterproof, which is an important feature to all riders keeping you totally dry in wet conditions. It has a lot of features other than being waterproof.

The jacket comes with big pockets that come in handy when you want to secure the items you cherish like cell phones, pagers, and wallets, which is important when you are going down the road.

Another awesome feature is the weight of the riding gear.

It only weighs about three pounds for everything, so it is really lightweight, and it won't weigh you down and make you uncomfortable when you are on the move.  Another awesome and completely unique feature of this riding gear is the ability to adjust the fit of the hoodie and the pants to where it fits comfortably around your body.

Another important feature as well as the ability to find the right fit. It won’t matter what size you are, it has got the fit to even take care of the smallest person to the hefty individual, and it really looks slick when it is put on.

9. Milwaukee Motorcycle Riding Gear

Well, now this riding gear is has everything a person needs. Not only is it waterproof, but the coverage of the body is complete.

The jacket is sleek looking with a full zipper from top to bottom with a flap that has velcro for a quick secure to cover the zipper.

The jacket has elastic on the base of each arm that allows for the fit to be comfortable around the arms and wrist.the collar on this jacket has a collar the is designed to fit the neck comfortably. 

It has an adjustable velcro collar that can be adjusted and quickly secured in one motion. The jacket, as well as the pants, have a lining from that gives protection from cold winter weather to keep anyone who wears this riding gear warm and dry.

The pants also have a wonderful design with adding pockets on the legs. The pockets are big and are suitable to put anything from phones and anything that can fit.

The base of the legs also has a much-desired feature. Riders want to protect their legs and keep dry, and this outfit has at the base of the pants an elastic seem, and it snaps back quickly to provide the rider protection and comfort from wet weather by keeping their legs dry from rain shooting up their pant leg.

How to Pick the Right Rain Gear for riding motorcycles

When choosing the right gear to ride a motorcycle, there are several factors to consider…

  • Waterproof

  • Pants.

  • Jacket.

  • Breath-ability.

  • Anti-slip.

Waterproof gear

When riding a bike of any size, you need to realize the first thing is that you cannot control the weather. nature can make it rain anytime

So you need to be aware of when choosing any riding gear no matter what time of the year it is that waterproof suits are at the foremost center of the decision-making process due to keeping dry and comfortable, and protecting the body from the elements. 

Some companies that make riding gear have standards set to what level of protection they will ensure when it comes to waterproofing.


The pants are important in the decisions of what kind of gear that is bought. The pants must have some level of comfort as well as protection.

The pants need to have a protective lining inside that does not allow cold weather and moisture to seep in, that's very important.

Even though the pants are waterproof, there should be an extra line of it is imperative to look at the specifications before they are purchased to make sure the lining is suitable for protecting the rider from the elements. 


When choosing a jacket, make sure that you look for several safety features as well as comfort.

When someone goes down the road, the jacket needs to have the proper fit, and length in arms should go to the wrist. And should not be too baggy. 

The fit should be as close to the skin as possible. But the baggy look might be a preference that some riders want and desire.

Make sure the jacket also has a full-length zipper as well as a velcro panel that can fit over the zipper to prevent any water that might make it through the zipper.

Breath Ability

This not only a comfort requirement, but it is also a safety requirement that must be is important for the body to breathe through the material.

When the body overheats, it starts to sweat, and when it does start to sweat, it will accumulate inside the gear, which allows for heat to build up and the suit to stink.

The problem with the heat no escaping the suit is that it can deregulate the temperature of the individual, and cause irritation and frustration. Which allows the driver to make quick and unsafe decisions on the road. So breath-ability is crucial when choosing gear.


This is the vital most important requirement in choosing riding gear. Most manufacturers do add this feature to the gear for safety reasons.

Anti-slip is actually referring to preventing a driver from falling off the motorcycle. The speeds that can incur from the fast and powerful engines that propel the bike can generate enough force to throw the driver off.

So it is important to look for pads or grip on the gear that is designed to keep the rider on the bike. In short, choosing the right gear for riding is important. From head to toe, your safety and comfortability are vital.

Final Note

From choosing headgear all the way to boots and gloves checking the durability and how the gear performs is whats important. The price you pay for low-end riding gear can result in the price you pay when the gear doesn't perform the way you want. 

Otherwise, if you buy the cheap, and or lower cost riding gear, you will not get the protection, and durability that you will get with one that costs slightly higher.

So think safety first and comfort second and get the right gear that you will enjoy for a long time, its and investment that could save your life.

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