First Motorcycle – Things To Consider | What To Buy And Not

First sport bike or motorcycle, things to consider, what to buy

Are you a new rider considering to buy a sportbike or motorcycle? This will provide information to help you make an informed decision before spending your hard earned money. I will write about different classes of motorcycles and sportbikes including three engine sizes of 250cc, 500cc and 600cc. I will list popular reliable motorcycles / sport bikes from kawasaki, Yamaha, Honda, and Suzuki so read on to find out more.

Attention new riders!

The first thing to be considered is why do you want a motorcycle? Maybe to save on commuting expenses, for recreational purposes or perhaps you just love motorcycles.

Once you decided on the reason you want a motorcycle then you can move forward to choose a motorcycle to fit your needs. Keep in mind it is often best to get a used bike for your first time as you will probably ding the bike up a bit.

If you are considering to buy to save on commuting expenses and recreational then you need to look for a used 250cc or 500cc sportbike as insurance cost will be low and the mileage will range between 60-80+mpg for 250cc then 40-50+mpg for 500cc.


This size bike is great for beginners due to the confidence inspiring low seat height, light weight, and adequate/forgiving power for all your commuting needs. While some would say the 250 is too small it is a practical and viable choice that can handle short, long, and yes highway riding conditions.

  • On the highway the 250cc can keep up with traffic but as most have a top speed of 80-100mph you do not want ride at these speeds for a long period of time (2-4 hours).
  • Take some back roads, enjoy the scenery, or for work stick to the streets and you will save a ton on your transportation costs.

Some great choices for a 250cc sportbike/motorcycle that have established history and proven reliability are:

  • Sportbike styling/ergonomics
  • Kawasaki Ninja 250r
  • Hyosung 250r
  • The new 2011 honda cbr250.
  • Standard (cruiser) motorcylce styling/ergonomics
  • Honda Nighthawk 250
  • Honda CMX250C Rebel
  • Yamaha Virago 250
  • Suzuki GZ250.

Note the cruiser styles do not handle as well in turns do to the raked out front forks when compared to the sport ergonomic styling. 250cc bikes are not recommended for two up riding (couples for instance).


This size bike is also great for beginners for similar reasons as the 250cc by offering low seat heights, and adequate/forgiving power.

  • The 500cc tend to be bit heavier and get less mile per gallon but still more than most cars and the insurance is also very low cost.
  • The 500cc has more power and can handle all he highway driving you can throw at it.

Some great choices for a 250cc sportbike/motorcycle that have established history and proven reliability are:

  • Sportbike styling/ergonomics
  • Buell Blast 500
  • Suzuki GSF500
  • Kawasaki Ninja 500cc
  • Honda cbr 400.
  • Standard (cruiser) motorcylce styling/ergonomics
  • Kawasaki Vulcan 500 LTD
  • Suzuki GS500E
  • Yamaha's Virago 535

Note the 500c bikes are not recommended for two up riding (couples for instance). If you are considering buying for only recreational purposes and expense is not an item of concern then a 600cc is an option although not recommended for first time riders.


This size sportbike is very unforgiving and can be very dangerous to new riders due to the amount of power on tap. With that being said if one is going to consider a 600cc sport bike the best option would be a used entry level 600cc not the super sport 600's.
Cruisers on the other hand are not quite as powerful so up to a 900cc would be acceptable.

Some great choices for a 600cc sportbike/motorcycle that have established history and proven reliability are:

  • Sportbike styling/ergonomics - kawasaki Versys or ER-6n and ninja 650
  • Suzuki SV650SF and GSX650F
  • Yamaha YZF 600 and new FZ6R
  • Honda CBR600F4i
  • Standard (cruiser) motorcylce styling/ergonomics
  • Honda Shadow 600 or 800
  • Yamaha V-Star 650 to 950
  • Suzuki Savage or boulevard s40 to c50
  • Kawasaki W650 or Vulcan 900.

Most Important Things To Note

All classes of motorcycles including the 250cc will break the speed limit and can put you in danger so they need to be ridden responsibly and with caution. All new riders are very strongly encouraged to take the motorcycle safety course (MSF) and in some states it is mandatory to get a class M license.

Riding gear that should be worn is:

  • DOT approve helmet, preferably full face or modular.
  • Eye protection, if no protective visor on helmet like goggles, protective shades.
  • A jacket made of leather, cordura, or nylon mesh.
  • Pants, always wear blue jean pants and preferably some leg covers or chaps on top of the jeans.
  • Gloves, full fingered gloves for bikes with hard knuckles for rocks and other things that will bounce off your hands while riding.
  • Boots that cover the ankle and provide good traction when stopping. (not sandals, flip flops, or tennis shoes).

Riding gear is very important and should always be worn before mounting any motorcycle. Most accidents will cause injury to the rider but with proper protective gear the injury can be minimized to scrapes/bruises instead of shattered bones and shredded flesh looking a lot like ground hamburger that requires many plastic surgeries to look some what normal again.

Alston Seymour

A Harley-Davidson Motor Company certified Master Technician and avid biker, I love to write about everything and anything related to biking.

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