Best Phone Mounts For Harley Davidson Review In 2023 – Top Picks

Do you love to listen to music when riding down a long road? Then a prime device to do that is a smartphone. But using a mobile on the motorcycle is highly risky both for you and for the mobile. Therefore, you need a phone mount.

A phone mount sticks to the handlebar of your vehicle while keeping the smartphone within its stable grip. A low-end alternative of motorcycle amplifiers, the best phone mounts have charging ports with them. Finding yourself the best one can be time-consuming. But rest assured since we have a collection of the best phone mounts for Harley models below-

Best Phone Mounts For Harley Davidson Reviews 2023

1. Roam Universal Premium Bike Phone Mount for Motorcycle

Having an amazing phone mount during a ride is like having a great riding companion.

The Roam Universal Premium Bike Phone Mount for Motorcycle is a phone holder that can provide a stable grip to hold your smartphone firmly.

Created from metal, silicon, and hard plastic, any phone with a width of up to 3.5 inches can fit this phone mount perfectly. 

It’s a universal phone mount, so it accepts phones from all models as long as it has the required size. Coming in matte black color to have a good look, the item can be installed on your bike, mountain bike, Harley, Touring, or the classically designed motorcycles. Its head has a 360-degree rotating capability.

It’s extremely durable with the silicone net it contains. Listen to your favorite music even on a bumpy road.

2. Ciro Smartphone/GPS Perch Mount Holder

Now we have a smartphone holder that is tiny yet offers a stable grip to phones of almost all sizes. The Ciro Smartphone/GPS Perch Mount Holder can end your worries of accidentally losing your phone during a ride.

With a black finish on the surface, the item can be set-up on your vehicle with ease. There are four fingers made of carefully selected rubber on both sides of the phone.

There is a lever on the side of it as well. Moving the lever will lock the phone. You can flip the lever based on the size of your phone. From one center to another, the item has a vertical bolt spacing of 1-1/16 – 1-11/16.

Use this phone mount on your Harley H-D models that are over ’82, Honda Goldwing GL1500/GL1800, Ace and Spirit, and Yamaha’s Warrior, Bolt, and All Road Star models.

3. Leepiya Motorcycle Phone Mount

Since you may ride on many uneven roads with your beloved bike, you will require a mobile holder that can stay steady even with high vibrations.

The Leepiya Motorcycle Phone Mount is the type of mobile holder we are talking about.

First thing’s first, the phone mount lets you charge your phone using any USB plug or even wireless charger. 

You will be amazed to see that it has a fast-charging capability of 10 W. It is not just a mobile holder for motorcycles, but the item can be used on your boat, ATV vehicle, and snowmobile too.

View your mobile phone screen from any angle using the 360-degree rotating head. Meanwhile, there is an additional key locking mechanism that prevents it from being stolen.

It’s made of Aluminum for high durability. It is surprising that this phone mount costs this less after all those features.

4. Metal Bike and Motorcycle Phone Mount

You want a phone holder that can give maximum protection and safety to your smartphone, the CAR Accessories Store brought it for you.

The Metal Bike and Motorcycle Phone Mount will let you navigate the harshest roads without risking your phone.

Having silicone and rubbery body parts made this phone mount highly stable no matter the weather. 

With a body that fits in most bikes and motorcycles, this mobile holder can absorb a high number of shocks. Since your phone won’t shake a bit, you can view the map to navigate without any issue. It can hold any phone up to a width of 3.7 inches.

Meanwhile, the head has a 360-degree rotation feature. The metal clamp can be set on handlebars of 0.2 to 1.9 inches. This item can hold phones between 4.1 to 6.5 inches in length.

5. GUB Bicycle & Motorcycle Phone Mount

To deliver the maximum safeness to any iPhone 11, 12, Pro Max, Samsung 8, 9, 10, Note20, or many other models, the GUB Bicycle & Motorcycle Phone Mount is released on the market.

Using this phone mount, your rides will be even more enjoyable. Featuring a 360-degree rotating head, the phone mount is built with the best aluminum alloys with perfect finishing. 

You won’t need to worry about the size since it can hold any phone within a size of 3.5 to 7 inches in length. Black in color, the item can be mounted on the handlebar of your Harley, touring, or bicycles. To reduce the friction between the phone and the holder there is a sponge surface on the front.

If your phone is within 50 to 100 mm wide, you can use it with this holder. It won’t even cover any part of the screen.

6. Lamicall Motorcycle Phone Mount

Fulfilling the task of mobile mounting for lots of riders throughout the state, the Lamicall Motorcycle Phone Mount is the ultimate solution to your navigation or musical needs.

This tiny piece holds your mobile very firmly without damaging it. It’s a perfect item for all riders.

With a smart design and look, the item can be used on your bike and motorcycle, and even scooter. 

Manufactured by the popular brand Lamicall, this phone mount is created from stainless steel for high durability and rust-resistance. The steady grip it provides to your phone and the handlebar reduces the tremble to null, making the way for smooth navigation.

You don’t even need to take any extra measures on any bumpy road. Giving you the wide option of mounting any phone within a length of 4.7 to 6.8 inches, it’s suitable for a handlebar of 15 to 30 mm.

7. Rokform Universal Motorcycle Cell Phone Perch Mount

If you want a phone mount that doesn’t damage your phone in the process of holding it tightly, then have a look at the Rokform Universal Motorcycle Cell Phone Perch Mount. Having some epic features, this phone mount is a top-notch product.

Ideal for most Indian, Metrics, and Harley models, this phone offers a perfect grip that is soft yet leaves no room for any shakiness. It weighs only 0.4 pounds.

As it’s made of aircraft-grade aluminum and stainless steel, the item will not rust and can survive high heat and cold weather. Any phone model, including most iPhones and Samsung Galaxy series, can be mounted on it with no difficulty.

To prevent accidental falling while mounting, there is a magnet on the front. The twist lock is easy to handle. Mount it on your Harley Davidson with a bar of 1.45 to 1.65 inches.

8. iMESTOU Waterproof Motorcycle Wireless Phone Holder

You can’t deny the necessity of a properly made phone mount, especially if it has lots of amazing traits like the iMESTOU Waterproof Motorcycle Wireless Phone Holder. This phone mount is capable of being mounted on most Harley models.

Packed with lots of features, the item holds a 15 W fast charger that it can use with a USB port or the wireless charger pad on the front surface. 

It’s a 2-in-1 phone holder capable of being installed on bars of 22 to 32 mm width. The phone holder can also be mounted on a rear-view mirror of your vehicle. Since there are many smartphone models of different sizes, the mobile mount accepts any cellphone with a length between 3.5 to 6.8 inches.

Its waterproof mode button is at the top, and the charging on/off button is on the back.

9. Ciro 50211 Smartphone/GPS Holder

The Ciro 50211 Smartphone/GPS Holder is like another little piece of useful item every rider needs.

If you want to listen to that favorite music of yours while driving, this mobile holder can help you with that. Its grip is stable yet soft to the mobile.

There are chances that your phone may have a low battery when you are out with your motorcycle. 

To rid you of that trouble, there is an additional charger with this phone holder. This perch mount is ideal for all motorcycle models designed from 1984 to 2016. The handle on the side of the holder controls the four fingers.

Using it, you can increase the tightness of the grip. It is suitable for any mobile device with a width of 21/8 to 31/2 inches. To charge the phone with ease, there is a 1.3 USB port.

10. Metal Bike & Motorcycle Phone Mount

It can be hard to find a top-grade phone mount as beneficial as the Metal Bike & Motorcycle Phone Mount.

This smartphone holder is an amazing item that doesn’t need much to set up. Mount your phone on this highly secure phone holder.

You may be worried about whether will the phone holder be compatible with your vehicle and mobile.

The good news for you, this item is created with perfection so that you can mount it on your Harley, Touring, or Yamaha model. Suitable for most Samsung, iPhone, and Google Pixel, LG, Motorola, and Lenovo models, this is a universal holder. Concealing shocks as much as possible, mount any mobile with a width of up to 3.7 inches.

The rubbery grips and the 360-degree rotating head make it safe for the mobile and convenient for you. Its clamps are metallic and ultra-stable.

Buying guide Of Phone Mounts For Harley

When buying a phone mount for our motorcycle, we usually stay so excited. But the excitement may soon end after getting arrayed with lots and lots of options from different brands and types.

There is also the matter of having the best product within your budget range. As a result, high confusion may arise, possibly making you buy the wrong product. This is easily avoidable if you have a detailed knowledge of different factors of a good-grade phone-mount.

These factors are important, especially if you want to avoid getting a phone mount that’s not suitable for your vehicle and phone. So, remember these points well-


The main object of your mobile holder is to hold your mobile phone perfectly just like how its name sounds. But the amount of steadiness it puts on its grip is a major thing to check out.

If your phone shakes even slightly when you are riding the motorcycle, you can’t view the screen properly. It creates even more problems if you are navigating. So, the grip of the phone holder has to be perfect that suppresses the vibration to almost zero, even on a bumpy road.

No Friction

As you ride your motorcycle on any uneven road, even the slightest shakiness can cause a bit of friction between the mobile and the surface of the mobile holder. This is why there has to be a rubbery soft layer between the mobile and the holder.


If the phone mount is not even suitable for your motorcycle model, then it is not the right choice for obvious reasons. Since most mobile holders come being suitable for multiple motorcycle models and companies, you got to check them thoroughly to see if your motorcycle model is among them.

As we are talking about Harley, see which Harley model your motorcycle is and find the right phone mount for it.


By size of a phone mount, what we mean is the size of smartphones that it can hold. Well, it is not a very big thing to think about unless you got a smartphone of a pretty large size. In that case, see if the phone mount allows that size.

Additional Features

Aside from holding your phone, many different features can be added to a phone holder. Some of them include magnetic surfaces, wireless charging utilities, USB ports, etc. These are all helpful traits you shouldn’t ignore.

Final Note

You probably understand the details of a fine mobile holder by now. If you want to find out the best one among the products above, our top pick is the iMESTOU Waterproof Motorcycle Wireless Phone Holder. This item matches all the conditions from the buying guide above while also providing a waterproof mechanism.

Additionally, this phone mount comes at an affordable price too. Remember that, no matter how well the features are, if the price is too high, then you should avoid it. The price of a good mobile holder should never exceed $100.

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